Soul winning

My personal experience of being won over by Christ Soul winning; we all have heard of it, but what exactly is it? Many see soul winning as persuading others to become Christians. However, this is not the biblical responsibility of Christians. Yes, we are responsible to share our testimony (witness), but God is the one […]

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10 manifestations of Gods voice

As a Christian you can hear God’s voice, because that is what God promises in His word: “he who is of God hears God’s words” (John 8:47). But in this day and age it could be difficult to tune in to God’s voice, with noise coming in from everywhere. The noise of other people’s opinion. […]

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How to hear God's voice

Are you tired of hearing your own voice, subsequently impulsively acting on it and making mistakes? Would it not be nice to receive clear instructions and directions when you do not know what to do? Thus, preventing you from making rash decisions, with as a bonus that you do not have to clear up the […]

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