Christel is a living example of how a woman’s mindset can make or break her. As an atheist, Christel had a grim outlook on life. When she converted to Christianity in 1994, everything changed for the better. Now she is in love with God and has dedicated herself to helping other Christian women find their confidence and purpose in life through speaking, coaching, writing projects, and more.

Her 20+ years as a Human Resource Manager has uniquely equipped her to encourage women to experience their full God-given potential. Christel believes in the practical applicability of God’s Word to everyday life and the awesome second chances God provides. She uses biblical truth to encourage anyone she gets into contact with. Her ministry is to empower Christian women to live confidently and victoriously in their identity in Christ.

Christel is a professionally trained Christian Confidence Coach, Mentor, Women’s Ministry Leader, Author, Wife, and Mom. She has a Master’s degree in the Science of Art & Culture, and currently lives in Ghana with her amazing husband and son, though she is originally from The Netherlands.

She had never been in church or read the Bible until she went to Ghana for a field-research for her Master’s thesis at the age of 25. It was there that God brought several life-changing encounters on her way, leaving her no choice than to admit and accept that Jesus is Lord.

Knowing Christ, and her own identity in Him, has enabled her to navigate life’s challenges with a sound mind and peace in her heart. She has discovered her true strength and potential in Christ. Now, she helps Christian women overcome feelings of negativity and defeat so that they can stand in their God-given identity, feel confident no matter what life throws at them, and fully put their gifts and talents to use.

As a Christian life Coach, Christel helps Christian women to refocus and repurpose their efforts to align with biblical teaching and what they feel is God’s direction for their life. She guides them towards addressing any limiting beliefs and mental blocks that hold them back. In other words, she helps them to discover their true potential that God has already deposited in them.

Christel wrote the life-changing book ‘The God of New beginnings’She is currently working on her next book, titled, ‘I can do it! Finding Confidence in Christ.’

Her life-motto is: “You can do it!”