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“It’s unfair!”

Imagine a scene whereby you engage in quite a number of church activities, you regularly reach out with the gospel, and you clean the church …

Misinformed by your own mind

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought that you couldn’t fulfill a task? Have you ever felt that you were unable to …

What is the basis of your faith?

Some years back, I got acquainted with a young Muslim girl in a hospital where both of us were admitted for a few weeks. After …

Inferior mind Pt 1: Parenting Style

How do you see yourself? Do you feel that you do not have what it takes? Are you seeing yourself as being ‘less’ than others? …

Inferior mind Pt 2: Marriage

Do you feel unloved, even in the setting of your marriage? Have you ever wondered whether anyone really likes you? Do you think that you …
“My books speak of second chances and life-changing encounters when we follow, obey, and apply the Word of God. I passionately believe that we will live fulfilling lives in the full potential God has given each of us, by truly applying the Word of God to our everyday issues.
“You can do it”