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Christian Living tips and encouragement for Christian women to live confidently in Christ, by growing closer to God and practically applying God’s word.

BAPTISM GIFTS FOR ADULTS in the form of a white ceramic cross with a dove and Bible verse inscription

Introduction Baptism as an adult marks an important decision—it symbolizes the covenant of grace with Jesus Christ, through which we are forgiven and have our sins washed away. A special occasion like that deserves something tangible to remember the day—even though baptism is a spiritual event, not physical. There is a great variety of baptism […]

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Woman hands folded in intercessory prayer with part of her white shirt visible

Introduction Intercessory prayer points for the church are a powerful way to support and uplift your church community. By interceding on behalf of the church, you invite God’s presence, protection, and guidance into every aspect of church life. Your prayers can bring about spiritual growth, unity, and renewal within the congregation, fostering a stronger, more […]

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