Rebekah Hargraves


Sometimes in life, we feel so unseen. Life gets hard, trials come, and it feels like everyone’s lives are flying by so fast, leaving us to feel as if we are left behind in the dust and forgotten. The beautiful truth, though, is that there is always Someone Who sees us, at every moment of […]

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Within the pages of Scripture, a tapestry of inspiring narratives unfolds, revealing the significant roles women have played in the ministry. In this exploration, we delve into the lives of those anointed by God, called forth to carry out His divine purposes. Women in ministry aren’t something of the modern age only, we can find […]

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2 Female warriors holding a sword and a Bible

Anytime one talks about the concept of female warriors in the Bible, there are inevitably people in certain Christian circles who start feeling a bit itchy. But if we believe God’s Word to be authoritative and inerrant and His ways to be perfect, then we can safely trust in His good, pleasing, and perfect design […]

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