Hand of Jesus with text, come follow me

Jesus Said Follow Me

These days, on various social media platforms, people are craving for followers, measuring their worth by the number of followers ...
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Bible with affirmations who I am in Christ

Who I am in Christ Affirmations

Who we are in Christ is more important than our identity based on our families, cultures, background, geographical location, education, ...
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Pink arrow with words NEW LIFE

New Life in Christ

The foremost thing God does in our lives is give us new life. He makes us new the moment we ...
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Ephesians in the Bible with Gods masterpiece in it

You are God’s masterpiece, not God’s failure

God created you in His image. You probably know that already, but do you really believe it? Knowing it with ...
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Name of Deborah above an open Bible

Characteristics of Deborah in the Bible

God uses women in key roles in His work. In the Old and New Testament, we see many women being ...
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Open Bible and frame with new beginnings text in it

New Beginnings in the Bible

God creates things out of nothing. He is not limited to creating things in a certain way nor at a ...
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