Christian Living

Christian Living tips and encouragement for Christian women to live confidently in Christ, by growing closer to God and practically applying God’s word.

christian valentines day gifts on a wooden table

Valentine’s Day has become equivalent to love. Whether you make a fuss out of Valentine’s Day or barely pay attention to is, it is a chance to think about love and what God would want us to do with it. Is it possible to celebrate Valentine in a Christian way? And what are the best […]

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Woman worshipping and experiencing God in her life

With the hustle and bustle going on around us, we may feel like God is far away and not really interested in our lives. We may even think He doesn’t intervene in our lives. However, if you would pay attention, you would experience God in your life and in your daily affairs. God is interested […]

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Woman hand on an open book about prayer and fasting with cup of coffee

As Christians, we get charged in spirit, body, and soul through prayer and fasting. Mostly, we know what to pray. At times, we may be uncertain about what to pray for in life. Our days are filled with so many responsibilities and activities or we are going through hard times, causing us to forget to […]

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