Girl raising hand as a stop sign

Holding on to our past is one of the easiest, yet ‘dangerous’, things to do. Why? It keeps us stagnated, feeling bitter and disturbed. You may think this only applies to negative things; however, it also applies to the positive things of the days gone. When you look back, you can’t see the future. Do […]

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Our days are filled with ‘must-do’s’, ‘want-to’s’, and ‘like-to’s’. These can disrupt our thinking and dis-align our focus. It does not just distract our focus from what we really ought to do, but also from our spiritual focus. We occupy our minds with so many other things, leaving little or no place for the things […]

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Becoming a new person

Sometimes your days seem to be repetitions of the earlier ones, as if there is no change. Doing the same thing every day and in the same way. You may feel you are not growing in life. We all sense this feeling occasionally, but some of us more often than others. Experiencing this daily can […]

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