Face of happy woman in front of green tree, with white text in front of it saying GOD CONFIDENCE QUOTES

Introduction Life is unpredictable, and hard things happen. Having true confidence (implicit confidence) is key to getting through it all with grace and assurance. It is about placing our trust not in our own abilities or circumstances, but in the steadfast character and promises of God. One way we can build that absolute trust is […]

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Introduction Fridays are pretty special, right? The best day of the week, some say. It’s the end of the workweek, a time to wind down and reflect, and for many of us, it’s a day filled with anticipation for the weekend. We can capture all of that in the best Friday inspirational Bible quotes and […]

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BAPTISM GIFTS FOR ADULTS in the form of a white ceramic cross with a dove and Bible verse inscription

Introduction Baptism as an adult marks an important decision—it symbolizes the covenant of grace with Jesus Christ, through which we are forgiven and have our sins washed away. A special occasion like that deserves something tangible to remember the day—even though baptism is a spiritual event, not physical. There is a great variety of baptism […]

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