People placing 7 hands on a pile of Bibles with the promises of God

Introduction In a world full of uncertainty and instability, it’s important to find something that gives us hope and assurance. When life gets tough, we can rely on God’s promises to bring us comfort, guidance, and strength. God’s promises to us give us exactly that! We can help ourselves remember those promises during difficult times, […]

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beautiful woman with turban standing in a wheat field showcasing characteristics of Rachel in the Bible

Introduction The Old Testament of the Bible isn’t just an old book with stories. The examples of biblical characters have lessons that still hit home today. One of those examples is Rachel in the Bible. She’s a key figure in the book of Genesis and her life is a mix of virtues, struggles, and triumphs. […]

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Pink flower and closed Bible with pen and paper to write biblical affirmations

Introduction When things are tough and our faith is tested, biblical affirmations show us the way to hope, strength, and trust in God’s promises. But this is not the only time. We can affirm God’s Word over our lives daily. We can do that easily by using printable biblical affirmations to help us declare over […]

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