As Christians, we get charged in spirit, body, and soul through prayer. Mostly, we know what to pray. But sometimes in life, when we simply don’t know what to pray for anymore. That can happen when our days are filled with so many responsibilities and activities, or when we are going through hard times, and […]

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Signboard with words pursue your dreams

If we look deep down in our hearts, we will see a glimpse of a dream, no matter how deep we have buried it. Each of us has a dream (or more of them). We can live and fulfill our dreams or fear our dreams, feel unworthy of our dreams, doubt our dreams, be ashamed […]

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renewed plant in front of light bulb representing mind

Your mindset can make or break you; knowing how to renew your mind will decide the course of the rest of your life. The way we use our minds dramatically impacts the way we see ourselves. When we use our minds negatively to perceive ourselves, our past, and the things we have gone through, we […]

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