Christel Owoo

I am Christel Owoo, I live in Ghana together with my husband and son. I am originally from The Netherlands. I am passionate about the word of God and the practical applicability thereof to daily life. I believe that it is only by truly knowing your identity in Christ, that you are able to live life to its full, in your God given potential. I got born again at the age of 25, after which I found my passion for writing. Since then I am led by the Word of God, providing me the inspiration to write. My motto in life is: "you can do it!". Which is based on Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

White flower and a note to forgive yourself

When we think of forgiveness, we usually think of forgiving others. However, it is equally important to forgive yourself. You may hide guilt, shame, and negative feelings in your heart because you find it hard to forgive yourself. So, how to forgive yourself for hurting someone you love? If we want to forgive ourselves for […]

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Self motivated smiling woman with the word INTENTIONAL and black quotes

In the fast-paced whirlwind of life, we often seek that extra spark of motivation to keep us going, to push past obstacles, and to strive for our dreams. While external sources of inspiration can uplift, there’s a remarkable reservoir of strength within us we often overlook—self-motivation. And what better way to tap into this intrinsic […]

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