Christel Owoo

I am Christel Owoo, I live in Ghana together with my husband and son. I am originally from The Netherlands. I am passionate about the word of God and the practical applicability thereof to daily life. I believe that it is only by truly knowing your identity in Christ, that you are able to live life to its full, in your God given potential. I got born again at the age of 25, after which I found my passion for writing. Since then I am led by the Word of God, providing me the inspiration to write. My motto in life is: "you can do it!". Which is based on Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Coloured woman with hands folded earnestly praying Psalm 91

Introduction Psalm 91 is a powerful prayer that provides comfort, protection, and assurance of God’s presence in our lives. By using Psalm 91 in a personalized prayer, you can strengthen your faith, find peace in times of trouble, and experience the divine protection promised in God’s Word. Whether you are facing challenges, seeking guidance, or […]

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Smiling young woman in the sun with arms open wide enjoying the benefits of life coach

Introduction Hiring a life coach has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people seek guidance and support in achieving their personal and professional goals. But what exactly are the proven benefits of having a life coach? In this article, we will explore the positive effects that life coaches can have on […]

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5 young leaders around a table with open Bibles discussing principles

Introduction Being a leader does not just refer to those in so-called leadership positions. We all are leaders in some way—a mother leading her kids, a father leading his family, a teacher leading her class, a captain leading his sports team, a volunteer organizing an event, a mentor guiding his mentee, etcetera. No matter where […]

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