Triumph from Tragedy

These writers show us that even in the midst of the greatest sorrow, there is help, healing, and hope through Christ.

Christel Owoo is a winner of the story contest that led to this publication. Her true story received the award and is published in this inspiring book.




The Christian’s journey through life is often fraught with tragedies, struggles, heartbreaks, and tears. In Triumph from Tragedy, you will meet a variety of Christian believers from all over the world who have suffered a tragedy and, with God’s faithfulness, have overcome it and claimed victory.

These Christians share honestly their most intimate struggles, and how they discovered relief, help, and a deeper faith. In doing so, they can become wounded healers to you and to your loved ones who are currently facing tragedy and despair.

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Christel Owoo

Christel is a passionate writer, who use  the word of God to address the challenges of daily life. She receives her inspiration from the word of God and believes in the practical applicability of God's Word to everyday life. She uses biblical truth to encourage anyone she gets into contact with. Christel is a mentor and a coach, encouraging and guiding people to live their live to the fullest of their God given potential. In her church she is a leader in the Ladies Ministry since the inception of the Ministry several years ago. Christel is a finance director and HR manger by profession. She lives in Ghana with her husband and son, though she is originally from the Netherlands.


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