Bible Study

Bible study and tips to help Christian women study God’s word, know their identity in Christ, and experience God daily.


The concept of womanhood has been a topic of discussion for centuries. However, in a world that is constantly redefining gender roles, it’s challenging to understand what it truly means to be a woman. In this blog, we will explore the biblical perspective on womanhood and gain insights into God’s design for women. What does […]

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Woman holding a plackard with written perfectly imperfect

We want to think that the Bible is a book about perfect people. It isn’t. The Word of God is a story of real people, with real faith and genuine frailties. God isn’t looking for perfect people who have their lives in order. He is looking for people whose hearts are for Him, for people […]

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Open Bible with text 31 Bible verses new beginniNGS

Each day of our life is a gift from God, a special new beginning. Yesterday is gone, and a new day has begun. The Bible is filled with verses about new beginnings, applicable to any stage of our lives. God’s Word offers wisdom, encouragement, and comfort for beginning a new stage in life. No matter […]

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