Bible Study

Bible study and tips to help Christian women study God’s word, know their identity in Christ, and experience God daily.

Christian woman meditating with open Bible in front of her.

The practice of meditation often sounds negative for Christians, because of the habit of meditating in new age, occultism, and other religions. However, Christian meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries and can be a valuable tool for deepening one’s relationship with God. Then…how to meditate as a Christian? Meditation can be […]

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Open Bible with serene sea at background and a female warrior at the side

Introduction Discover the profound world of prayers and prayer warriors as we delve into inspiring Bible verses about prayer warriors. A journey through scripture quotations reveals how prayer is a powerful weapon, and those who use it with faith and persistence are true prayer warriors. As we read through these verses and others, we see […]

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