Personal Growth

Personal growth tips to help you develop yourself by taking steps to change behavior, values, actions, and habits to become who God wants you to be.

paper with text goal setting get results

Getting toward the New Year is for many of us the time to focus on (new) resolutions. We check what didn’t go well in the past year and look forward to what we can improve in the New Year. New Year resolutions are good… but pledges would be even better if we work on them […]

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Word control on a keyboard, to control your mind

Have you ever wondered what controls your mind? I have. It is crucial to understand that our minds don’t work by themselves, because our minds determine everything else in our lives. If we know what controls our minds, we will likewise know what controls our lives. As Christians, if we submit to God, we have a […]

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Signboard with words pursue your dreams

If we look deep down in our hearts, we will see a glimpse of a dream, no matter how deep we have buried it. Each of us has a dream (or more of them). We can live and fulfill our dreams or fear our dreams, feel unworthy of our dreams, doubt our dreams, be ashamed […]

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