Personal Growth

Personal growth tips to help you develop yourself by taking steps to change behavior, values, actions, and habits to become who God wants you to be.

Signboard with text shift your negative thoughts into positive ones

A positive mindset brings positive things. But if your mindset is negative, how do you change your negatives to positives? Our minds throw thoughts at us throughout the day (and the night!). Thoughts about past experiences, thoughts about what people said, thoughts about what we still need to do, thoughts about what we did or […]

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A red boxing glove pushing back many blue boxing gloves representing negative thinking

Negative thinking is a common occurrence in everyday life. We all experience it at one point or another, and it can have a significant impact on our mood, behavior, and overall quality of life. However, it’s important to recognize that negative thinking is not permanent and can be overcome with the right approach. Negative thoughts […]

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Do what you love written in an open pink notebook

“Do what you love and love what you do.” You may have heard the saying before. While it sounds simple, it might be trickier than thought. Life challenges and pressure from outside can lead us to end up doing things we don’t love. Does it really matter if we love what we do? Or is […]

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