Smiling woman embracing a bible tightly to her chest

God’s Word has the power to change our lives. We grow in faith and revive our spirit, soul, and body when we read the Bible. The same happens when we daily speak biblical declarations over our lives. By declaring, we hear God’s Word. And we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the […]

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Hand holding stamp with the word DECLARATION on it

God’s promises captured in scripture are absolutely trustworthy. However, we rarely seem to see those promises manifested in our lives. We know where to find them in our Bibles and may even quote them. But knowing scriptures and seeing them at work in our lives are two different things. One way to reap the benefits […]

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Woman with folded arms looking treated unfair

The sisters Mary and Martha both loved and served Jesus; no doubt about that. Jesus equally loved them. A reflection on Mary and Martha shows similarity with our ways of serving in the Church. We know the importance of serving in the church, however, we may lack understanding how to serve God in spirit and […]

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