How to hear God's voice

Are you tired of hearing your own voice, subsequently impulsively acting on it and making mistakes? Would it not be nice to receive clear instructions and directions when you do not know what to do? Thus, preventing you from making rash decisions, with as a bonus that you do not have to clear up the […]

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Inferior mind racism

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Eric Garner. Walter Scott. Jordan Edwards. Five random names? No, they all had a brown skin, were all unarmed and killed by white police officers. Why? Mainly due to their skin-color. Racism caused their deaths. Racism cannot kill; it is the extreme manifestation of it that kills. There is racism in […]

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Inferior mind in Marriage

Do you feel unloved, even in the setting of your marriage? Have you ever wondered whether anyone really likes you? Do you think that you are not worthy, that you are not capable, and that you are not smart? These questions and feelings show that you suffer from an inferior mind, even within your marriage. […]

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