Open Bible-showing-verses-and-book-with-text-self-love-is-not-selfish

Self-love, or the practice of valuing oneself, is often seen as a modern concept. However, the concept of self-love is not a new one and can be found in the Bible. However, it is not an exact verse in the Bible that mentions self-love explicitly as a standalone term. We can interpret several verses as […]

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Text why and God loves me fingerwritten in a heart in vapor on a window

It’s a simple thought, but too often we get busy with our lives and forget it. We get distracted, preoccupied, restless, bored, harried, or hurried. What is this simple thought? God loves you. We think we must do something to earn it or that we don’t deserve it. We hear about God’s love at church […]

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Do what you love written in an open pink notebook

“Do what you love and love what you do.” You may have heard the saying before. While it sounds simple, it might be trickier than thought. Life challenges and pressure from outside can lead us to end up doing things we don’t love. Does it really matter if we love what we do? Or is […]

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