Inferior mind in Marriage

Do you feel unloved, even in the setting of your marriage? Have you ever wondered whether anyone really likes you? Do you think that you are not worthy, that you are not capable, and that you are not smart? These questions and feelings show that you suffer from an inferior mind, even within your marriage. […]

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Inferior mind in child caused by parenting style

How do you see yourself? Do you feel that you do not have what it takes? Are you seeing yourself as being ‘less’ than others? Is it your impression that other people do not like you? Does it seem to you that you are incapable of achieving anything? If you replied ‘yes’ to these questions, […]

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Inferior mind causing feeling of inadequacy

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought that you couldn’t fulfill a task? Have you ever felt that you were unable to do what was required from you? Did you ever start the day with an overwhelming feeling of inferiority and being inadequate? Have you experienced the disheartening “I-can’t-do-it” state of mind? […]

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