Two smiling girls holding pinkies, who forgive and forget.

Forgiving someone who hurt us can be extremely difficult, especially when that person is (or was) very close to us. We carry pain, anger, frustration, and confusion, while we should walk in freedom. Adding to this is the guilt we can feel as Christians because we know we should forgive freely. But must we indeed […]

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Reading God’s Word is never a waste, it always saturates our spirit and soul. God gave His Word to us to learn from and to live on. He wants us to study the Bible to get to know Him more and more each day. You may wonder, does the Bible have Bible verses about Bible […]

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Woman studying the Bible for herself

Reading the Bible is fun! It is a time of fellowship with God, through His Word. Studying the Bible for yourself can be part of your daily routine; not because you must do it, but because you love to be in God’s presence and want to grow in faith. Whether you are a beginning reader, […]

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