Best Bible Study Books for Women

As busy women, it’s hard to find time to read the Bible, not even to mention time to study it. The demands placed on us can be daunting, not permitting even one second for ourselves. Still, God desires to fellowship with us through His Word. If we just need that extra help to study His Word, a Bible study book for women is an excellent option.

Imagine spending a few quiet moments with God in the morning before duty calls. For a Bible study to be successful, intentionality and consistency are the keys. We need to choose a plan and stick to it. Without a plan, Bible study is most likely not going to happen.

Many Christian female authors recognized the need for help in studying the Bible. Often based on their own experiences, they wrote women’s Bible study books containing attainable plans. To give busy women like us a manageable and achievable plan to read through the Bible.

Some books focus on a specific Bible book, others on themes or parts of the Bile. And others guide you through the bible in a year. We get transformed through God’s Word. Wouldn’t it be awesome to read the full Bible in one year?

“Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”

Joshua 1:8 (NLT)

How do I Choose a Women’s Bible Study?

God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and light to our path (Psalm 119:105). This means we should know His Word first, otherwise it can’t illuminate our path. What is the best way to do that? Women’s Bible study group or individual Bible study?

We can get to know the Word of God by Bible study by ourselves, and asking the Holy Spirit to guide us while we read. We can hear from God by taking time to study His Word. This is perfect to do in our quiet time with God at home. But also during our lunch break at the office, on a busy day. As long as we study His Word, it doesn’t really matter where or when we do it. However, consistency is the key.

Another way is joining a small or larger group of women to read through God’s Word together. This is a perfect way to share insights, learn from each other, and pray together. We can gather in person or, for example, online.

So, what is a quality choice in women’s Bible study? Well, there is not one answer. It depends on your personal preferences, your available time, and, of course, your location. I would say, pray and ask God to help you choose.

You can always change the mode of study at a later point in time.

7 Best Women’s Bible Study Books

Here is my personal list of the seven best women’s Bible study books, Anno 2022, in no particular order. I do not get paid to showcase any of these books.

Each book is perfect to use during self study or in a women’s Bible study group.

(1) Sweeter Than Honey

Sweeter Than Honey is a 365-day devotional journey centered on Psalm 119:103. “How sweet are Your Words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” This devotional is unlike any devotional I’ve ever read. It’s a book written to help you find peace in the chaos and strength for your weakest moments as it encourages you in your daily walk with God.

These 365 devotions will lead you gently through God’s Word in chronological order of book authorship, and when you read the accompanying passage for each day, you will have read through the entire Bible!

“You’ll find encouragement on every page of this book—encouragement to seek God above all else. The strong, spiritual emphasis will challenge you to turn to God for daily direction and experience His presence in a whole new and intentional way. Sweeter Than Honey will become more to you than just another daily devotional, it will become a keepsake as you record prayers and take part in thought-provoking, practical exercises that touch every aspect of your life and draw you closer to our Creator.”—from the Prologue.

And if you want to journey through God’s Word and Sweeter Than Honey with a group of like-minded, Christian friends, you can join the ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ Facebook group. An active Bible Study group with Christian women going through the Bible study book together, by discussing and reflecting, and encouraging each other to go on!

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Sweeter-than-Honey-Bible study book for women
Sweeter-than-Honey-Bible study book for women

(2) The Bible in 52 Weeks; A Yearlong Bible Study for Women

This Bible study book for women takes you on a yearlong journey through the Bible to strengthen a woman’s faith. When we as Christian women need to lift our spirits or tackle life’s challenges, the Bible is always our guidance. This inspiring approach to Bible study for women combines a daily reading plan with weekly opportunities to reflect, discuss, and explore how God’s wisdom can be applied to your daily life.

This Bible study book goes beyond other Christian books for women with:

  • Themed readings: all verses for a week tie together with themes that relate to modern women, like persevering through challenges, moving on from mistakes, and more.
  • Your favorite translation: the included reading plans work with any translation, allowing you to use your favorite Bible to connect with God more deeply.
  • Ways to study: explore the interactive questions, Bible journaling prompts, and prayers on your own or in a group setting of any denomination.

Get to know the Word in a new light and strengthen your relationship with Christ in this Bible study for women.

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(3) 12-Week Bible Study for Moms

This Bible study book is especially directed toward Christian moms.

Being a mom is no easy feat, but turning to God can help you feel motivated, inspired, and ready for anything. This guided Bible study helps you reconnect with His Word every day with advice and teachings that support you on your journey as a mother.

Discover a Bible study guide for women that:

  • Includes 12 weeks of study—Each week focuses on a theme, such as gratitude or perspective, through passages from Scripture, prayers, and questions for reflection.
  • Is easy to use every day—Explore readings that offer deep insight but only take about 15 minutes, so you can always find time for them in your busy life.
  • Is for all Christian moms—Find modern and inclusive guidance meant for moms of all lifestyles, backgrounds, and denominations.

Practice parenting from a place of love and faith with this Bible study for women.

Find strength in your faith as you navigate motherhood

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(4) Discovering The Good News in John

This Bible study book is the fourth Bible study book in ‘Discovering the Bible Series’ that incorporates strong biblical teaching, motivating devotions, and creative coloring pages. It’s a 10-week Bible guide that illuminates John’s unique account of Jesus’s mission, ministry, and resurrection. It is perfect to use in, for example, a women’s Bible study group!

Whether you’re a new or long-time believer, you’ll gain a wealth of wisdom when you study the Gospels! In Discovering Good News in John, you will be encouraged to revisit the story of Jesus’s life—and be transformed along the way. Reading this book alongside a book about finding your purpose, will propel you into a journey of spiritual and personal growth at the same time!

This Bible study book is interactive, calling you to pause and ponder each verse. You’ll be uplifted by:

  • fresh insights into the incredible book of John.
  • enlightening contexts, including the culture, celebrations, and community of Jesus’s era.
  • new applications from the Good News for your daily life.
  • motivating devotions followed by affirmative prayers.
  • creative coloring pages featuring hope-filled, worship-inspiring Bible verses.

Immerse your heart, mind, and soul in the life-giving truths of this gospel! This new installment in the Discovering the Bible series will give you brand-new eyes that let you savior and cherish each detail John reveals about Jesus’s time on earth.

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Discovering-Good-News-in-John. Bible study book for women
Discovering-Good-News-in-John. Bible study book for women

(5) becoming Momstrong Bible Study

Becoming Momstrong is a six-week guided journey of learning to trust God with your deepest parenting questions. There’s nothing wrong with good advice, but today’s moms need so much more than that. We moms are crying out for true wisdom and strength that will teach us how to parent our kids well, and to help us navigate challenges and cultural issues previous generations never saw coming.

The Bible tells us that the beginning of wisdom is knowing the Lord. And that’s right where the journey to becoming MomStrong starts. This six-week Bible study is based on the author’s (Heidi St. John) popular book Becoming MomStrong.

Each week, you’ll find stories from Heidi, Scriptural reflections, encouraging Bible verses, and prayer prompts to help train your own heart (and your kids’) to know Scripture, hold biblical values, discern true teaching, and develop godly character.

A great resource for churches, women’s groups, or individuals, the Becoming MomStrong Bible Study will help you seek God’s guidance every day in your parenting hopes, fears, struggles, and victories.

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(6) She Loves Truth

She Loves Truth is a 10-week study of the book of Proverbs.

​We love truth, don’t we? We yearn for it, and need it. We want to know what the Bible says about truth. We long for the truth of God’s Word to permeate our everyday lives so that we never question, even on the bad days.

How do you know whom to listen to or what advice to take when you have an important decision to make? With the Internet, we have access to an overwhelming amount of information. Well-meaning people tell us many things. It’s up to us to discern the difference between the two. We want wisdom and knowledge, we want to be women of understanding, and we hunger for truth.

We can’t believe everything we hear or read. Instead, we should take our time and work through decisions with prayer. We don’t have to decide based on other people’s opinions. After all, what God has to say on the subject matters the most. We must be prudent and seek the truth.

I know no other book of the Bible that says more about truth than Proverbs.

She loves Truth is a 50-page, full-color, self-guided (or group-guided) Bible study, leading you on a journey through the book of Proverbs. The plan is brilliant for new believers and for those established in the faith as well.

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She-reads-Truth Bible study book for women
She-reads-Truth Bible study book for women

(7) Pieces of Faith: Discovering God in My Life Puzzle  

Ever thought about your faith while putting together a puzzle? Rebecca Nolting breaks down the steps many people take and strategies they often use in completing a puzzle, and parallels them to one’s faith journey. She gives examples and lessons from her own life and relates how she discovered God through each of them.

Follow along as she experiences moments of peace and, many times, joy. Her story encourages you to look for God in difficult moments and especially in ordinary items, like puzzles. How will you be challenged to discover God in your life puzzle?

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