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In a world where women continue to break barriers and shatter glass ceilings, the quest for self-discovery and purpose has become more profound than ever before. The desire to find meaning and fulfillment in our lives is a shared journey that transcends age, background, and culture. To give you a start on your journey to your true calling, this blog has a handpicked selection of the 42 best books on finding life purpose in 2024.

This blog contains favorite books to help you change your own life into a purpose driven life. From empowering memoirs to transformative guides—these literary gems offer invaluable insights and wisdom, guiding every woman on a path of self-awareness, growth, and the realization of her big dreams.

If you want a happy life, full of inner peace, it’s crucial to have a sense of purpose. Reading books on purpose will help you in the right direction. This reading list with great books can help you transform your pursuit of purpose and change your life.

What is life purpose?

What is the meaning of life? What is my life’s purpose? These are questions we all wonder about. But here’s the catch: everyone has their own answer. There is no universal solution—different people have different life purposes.

At its core, the purpose of life is a highly personal and subjective concept. It is the answer to the profound question: “Why do I exist?” Well, find your purpose change your life… This saying is true! When you have a sense of purpose, you will live a more meaningful life.

Our purpose is what gives life meaning and direction—it motivates us to keep going, day after day. It’s not just about surviving and paying bills; it’s about finding that thing that makes our hearts sing. The cool part is that it can change and evolve as we grow and learn. So, while it might not be a simple question to answer, the adventure of figuring it out is what makes life exciting and meaningful! That’s what having a growth mindset is about.

Why is it important to know your own purpose?

Knowing your true purpose will not only give you inner peace, but it will also help you live a happy life, a more fulfilling life, and empower you to let your big dreams come true. Why? Because your deepest passion usually ignites big dreams. Your deepest passion is what fuels you—it’s based on your life’s purpose. As a life coach, I know that’s why finding your own purpose is crucial to your wellbeing.

Though a book cannot give you the specific answer for your own life, reading one of the best books on purpose can give you a clue about where to start. That said, if you’re looking for guidance and inspiration, there are plenty of books out there that are specifically tailored to helping women discover their life’s purpose. From personal growth, practical advice, and step-by-step guides, to real-life examples and practical ways to get to know your purpose.

In the list below are 42 of the best books on finding purpose in 2024.

How do I find my best purpose book?

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Finding your purpose in life-funny enough-starts by asking that exact question. If you don’t wonder what your purpose in life is, you won’t find it. So, the best start to find your personal purpose is by wondering what that is. You are on track!

Do an inner self-check and embrace your passions. Aligning your life with these passions will propel you in the right direction to live a happy life. As everyone’s purpose is different, we also may like different books on purpose—we aren’t the same and our journey isn’t either.

Reading books about purpose for women will give you a clue about your own purpose. These books can provide insight into what makes us tick and help us find our own way in the world.

To help you on your journey, I compiled a list of the 42 best books on finding life purpose in 2024. From works of fiction to non-fiction, we’ve got something for everyone. Check the list and find your new favorite, easy read book.

List of the 42 best books on purpose

No matter what your life’s purpose is, these books can help you get started on your journey. So, dive in, explore, and discover the power of your own potential! Some books were published in the second part of 2022, making them still good fits to include in a list of the best books in 2024. I have to be honest, though; I added a few older ones, just because they are so good and a must read!

So, here is the reading list (in no particular order):

#1 Don’t Look Back: Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward with Passion and Purpose

By Christine Caine

Sometimes in life, we wish we could freeze time, especially when unexpected changes happen. However, time and life keep moving forward. Looking back doesn’t allow us to go back, and it often leaves us feeling stuck in a memory, mindset, or habit. Moving on is not a onetime decision. It’s a way of living.

With the strategies Christine Caine gives in this new book, we can move on from where we are to where God wants us to be.

#2 Intentional Living: A Guide To Crafting A Life Of Purpose And Meaning

By Courtney Heptinstall

This self-help book provides guidance and viable strategies for leading meaningful lives. This book promotes intentional living. It encourages making deliberate decisions and actions that align with one’s values, ambitions, and goals.

The information is presented in chapters with diagrams to make it easy to understand.

#3 The Greatness Mindset: Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life Today

By Lewis Howes

This new book of New York Times best-selling author Lewis Howes will enable you to create a growth mindset and live your most authentic life. Are you leaning into your purpose or running away from it? Through his breakthrough discoveries, reveals how you can rewrite your past to propel yourself into a powerful and abundant future.

With these raw and revealing personal stories, science-backed strategies from industry-leading experts, and step-by-step guidance, you will learn how to design the life of your dreams and turn it into reality.

#4 Recalibrate Your Life: Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope

By Kenneth Boa & Jenny Abel

As we make our way through life, we find ourselves in times of transition where we need to reassess who we are and what we do. Living well doesn’t happen automatically―it needs recalibrating our lives regularly. Times of transition, especially in midlife or later life, are ideal moments for recalibrating our priorities and habits, to redefine our purpose in life.

This eternal perspective allows us to live meaningfully now and in the future so that the best is yet to come.

#5 On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading

By Isha Cogborn, Dr. Erika Brown, Kelli Center, Saskia Christian, La’Vista Jones, & 5 more

This is the third installment of the On Purpose series, which highlights diverse perspectives in personal and professional development. Our work and personal lives blend more than ever because of working from home, irregular work demands, or factors that affect our mental and emotional well-being. It’s challenging to separate our professional and personal identities.

This book on life’s purpose discusses the challenges that great leaders, individual contributors, and entrepreneurs encounter.

#6 Life on Purpose: Igniting Your Passion to Discover, Embrace, and Fulfill Your Kingdom Calling

By Gilles Gentley

This is one of the new books of 2023 (still good in 2024!)—this guidebook helps people find their purpose and live a fulfilling life according to their faith.

#7 Perfect 40!: How to Live Your Best Life and Age with Grace and Wisdom

By Lana Shabdeen

This self-help book is a must-read for women around 40. It provides insights on how to navigate life after 40 and find happiness by rediscovering your purpose. This women’s book helps you face the challenges that women face in their 40s. The author shares her own life lessons and perspective. It takes you through the fears, feelings, and physical and emotional changes that women experience at this age.

Each chapter ends with a summary, Q&A, and a journaling section to help you embrace what you learn and make your happiness the #1 priority.

#8 The Feminine Empowerment Plan: 5 Steps To Achieve Personal Growth For Women in Their 20s

By Kay Bagel

If you’re a young woman who wants to grow into the best version of herself and succeed, this is one of the best books about finding yourself in your 20s.

In this book, you will discover practical ways to find your purpose and fulfillment. It helps you effectively reprogram your negative mindset into a positive one, how to invite abundance into your life, and why neglecting your feminine energy leads to unfulfilment. As a true self-help book, it shows 8 practices to nurture your feminine energy.

#9 Passion and Purpose: 21 Inspiring Stories from Women in the US Virgin Islands on Business, Leadership, and Life

By Vanessa I. Farrell, Jo’Hanna D. Samuel, Kisha Christian, Velma Freeman-Walter, & 6 more

Passion and Purpose takes you on an amazing journey of unshakeable faith in the face of adversity, unknowns, and triumphs. A compilation of stories written by women for women to inspire, motivate, and reinforce confidence in pursuing their big dreams, rising above fear, and living with passion and purpose.

The personal stories will strengthen your confidence and give you the motivation to follow dreams, rise above fear, and live a purposeful life.

#10  Happily Ever After All: On-Purpose Living in a Fairytale World

By Megan E. Faulkner

“Why aren’t you married yet? The clock is ticking!” This question can leave you questioning your value, purpose, and place in the world. Happily Ever After All is a good book that encourages you to embrace where you’re at right now and to stop falling into the comparison trap that robs you of joy and leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

For single Christian women, a life of abundance and freedom is not dependent on a marriage vow, but on living a purposeful life for Jesus and surrendering to His will.

#11 Believe: Hope Has Your Name on It

By Joel Osteen

Written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen, this new book helps readers stay anchored to hope when they don’t see any sign of what they’re believing. It propels them to dare to be bold and step into the unknown, to pray big, and to experience the incredible power of believing.

Embrace the vision of your greatest dreams and take the courage to step into the unknown with this favorite book about the incredible power of belief.

#12 Gypsy for God

By Yvonne Morgan

An easy read fiction book about life’s purpose. After losing her job, Kathleen is left doubting herself and fearing the future. The event triggers a journey for her to finding purpose and meaning in life. An unexpected encounter changes everything as God reveals His plans to Kathleen. Each unfamiliar country she visits brings her closer to finding her true calling.

This story offers hope for readers seeking meaning in their lives, regardless of their situation or age.

#13 You Are Here for a Purpose: Living Life to the Fullest in All Seasons

By Vanya Koepke

“Life is not about what others have not done or have not been for you. Rather, life is about what you will do and be for others.”

Have you wondered what your purpose in life is? Have you tried all other means but cannot see the next step? This book touches on these questions through the real-life examples of Vanya. She changed from being hopeless, alone, and purposeless, to finding the answers she needed to give her inner peace and know her higher purpose.

#14 Wake Up With Purpose!: What I’ve Learned in my First Hundred Years

By sister Jean Dolores Schmidt

Part life story, part philosophy text, and part spiritual guide, Sister Jean’s wit, wisdom, and common sense have broad appeal. Along with her collaborator Seth Davis, an award-winning writer, broadcaster and New York Times best-selling author, Wake Up with Purpose! lets you experience sister Jean’s life lessons gleaned from one hundred years of living, the universal themes that connect us all, and her priceless wisdom.

#15 LIVING ON PURPOSE: Discover your Purpose in 10 Simple Steps and Make the Decisions that will Change your Life By Arnaldo Neto

Arnaldo Neto’s intention with these pages is to guide you in discovering your purpose and learning how to live in alignment with it.

The author himself tested and approved the method provided in this book. He discovered his purpose and left one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest Digital Marketing agencies, where he was a partner, to follow his truth. This method has transformed thousands of people through consultations and lectures held in Brazil, France, Germany, the USA, and Portugal.

#16 The Life Plan: Simple Strategies for Building Confidence in a Changing World (2022)

By Shannah Kennedy (Author)

Shannah Kennedy lays out her recommended approach to life. A step-by-step guide to assist readers in boosting their confidence, decluttering their lives, forming strategic habits, envisioning their potential, prioritizing their goals, and making their dreams come true.

This book will both motivate and give you the tools to start fresh and help you succeed.

Read this book along with books on confidence and self esteem.

#17 Get Your Happy Back: 7 Principles to Get Unstuck and Take Back Your Power! (2022)

By Diamond Leone

This book on purpose teaches you how to eliminate old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years. With proven strategies, you can develop a new perspective and start seeing the world differently.

By building self-confidence through self-love, you can create a new framework for yourself.

#18 On Purpose (2022)

By Julie Zine Coleman

Christian women often struggle with conflicting views on gender roles. The church teaches traditional roles, but secular society offers more freedom to women. On Purpose is a serious study of the verses in the Bible that have often been interpreted to define the role of women in the church, at home, and in the workplace.

Reading a book like this helps you grasp the amazing power of a woman in the Bible.

#19 Living On Purpose: Five Deliberate Choices to Realize Fulfillment and Joy (2022)

By Amy Eliza Wong

AMAZON BESTSELLER in Work Life Balance in Business and Business Communication Skills and 2022 The Magic Pen Book of the Year.

Written by transformational leadership coach Amy Wong, this book will help shift readers to a mindset of possibility and freedom. Amy combines her personal and professional life experience with social neuroscience to create a map of five choices. Her insights and intellectual rigor guide readers back to themselves.

#20 Woman On Purpose (2022)

By Queen Novels

Women spend much time taking care of others, often forgetting to pour into themselves. They become depleted because they haven’t spent enough time finding their purpose in life. One of the most powerful things a woman can do is find her purpose. It enables her to be more confident and feel a sense of fulfillment.

This book guides women to their purpose and recognize the importance of life’s experiences on the way.

#21 The Purpose Driven Life Selected Thoughts and Scriptures for the Graduate (2022)

By Rick Warren

Graduates have choices to make beyond what college to attend or what job to accept. What will they do with their lives? And for whom will they live? Based on the New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life, the collection of thoughts and Scriptures inside these pages will help high school and college graduates develop deeper meaning for their life by embracing key truths.

More than just a book, The Purpose Driven Life is a catalyst to embracing each graduate’s unique, God-given purpose.

#22 Unstuck & Unstoppable: Shake Off the Past, Find Your Purpose, Get on with Your Life (2022)

By Jimn Kyles

We all can find ourselves in what feels like a hopeless situation; whether it’s a strained relationship, financial hardship, a failed career, or an unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Nothing you do seems to work. But there is hope!

Unstuck and unstoppable is an interactive field guide that provides actionable tools and practical tips to help you shake off problems from your past, find your purpose, and move forward with vision in your life.

PLUS, You’ll Also Get Free Instant Access to a Free Resource Website Full of Bonus Downloads, Ebooks, and Videos to Help You Move Your Life Forward.

#23 You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why (2022)

By Eric Thomas

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “You Owe You is full of insight and guidance for those seeking their inner selves.”

Thomas’s secrets of success have already helped hundreds of thousands on their journey, but this is his first guide to show you how to start today, right now.

The first steps to success involve understanding yourself and the world, finding your purpose, being ready to make sacrifices, and constantly striving to improve. No matter where you are on your journey toward greatness, you owe it to yourself to become fully, authentically you.

#24 Purpose: Design a Community & Change Your Life—A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Purpose and Making It Matter (2022)

By Gina Bianchini

This great book on finding purpose is a Wall Street Journal bestseller. It delves into questions such as “What is your purpose and how do you make it matter in modern life?” Silicon Valley social software pioneer Gina Bianchini offers a step-by-step guide to finding your purpose and translating it into action through the power of community and fresh approaches to technology.

She offers a unique take on purpose and has helped thousands of people crystalize their purpose and deliver impact-one community at a time.

#25 You on Purpose: Discover Your Calling and Create the Life You Were Meant to Live (2021)

By Dr. Stephanie Shackelford and Bill Denzel

You on Purpose offers you a simple 4-step process for discovering and carrying out your true calling with confidence. Each chapter dismantles a common myth about calling, replacing it with truth born from solid, current research.

If you long to discover your unique place in the world, this book will help you catch that vision and make a plan to pursue it.

#26 Live on Purpose: 100 Devotions for Letting Go of Fear and Following God (2021)

By Sadie Robertson Huff

Learn to celebrate every moment in life. Live enthusiastically and follow your God-given passions. New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson invites you to reach new depths of faith and new heights of life as you discover how to live life to the fullest through 100 relevant devotions for women.

You’ll discover that when you follow your God-given passions, nothing can stop you from living your most enthusiastic, purposeful life. It’s time to let go of fear and follow God.

#27 On Purpose: The Busy Woman’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Success (2021)

By Tanya Dalton

In her latest book, productivity expert Tanya Dalton helps you to define your purpose and live with intention…even if you feel you are too busy to pursue your big dreams. Her book offers innovative research and thought-provoking real-life stories of women and leads you through innovative but simple exercises. This guide helps you understand how to create a map to your ideal future and to take daily actionable steps toward a more fulfilling life.

#28 The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose (2019)

By Oprah Winfrey

Ophrah’s book can’t miss in a list of the best books on finding your passion and purpose in life. Even in Anno 2024, the truths in this book will be as relevant as ever. In The Path Made Clear, Oprah Winfrey provides the framework for creating your own best life.

Through her personal stories and those of different people from all walks of life who have found their own paths to success and happiness, she helps you to develop the focus and clarity you need to achieve your goals.With great insight and her signature style, Oprah Winfrey encourages you to discover the joy of living your life on purpose.

#29 The Happiness Project (2018)

By Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen’s book on purpose that helps you live a happy life is a #1 New York Times Bestseller.

Rubin recounts her year-long journey of testing the wisdom of the ages, current scientific research, and lessons from popular culture on how to be happier. She discovered that novelty and challenge bring happiness, money can buy happiness if spent wisely, outer order leads to inner calm, and minor changes can have a big impact.

#30 Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age (2018)

By Jeff Goins

With this favorite book, Jeff Goins dismantles the myth that being creative is a hindrance to success. This book reveals how an artistic temperament is an unexpected competitive advantage in the marketplace. It delves into the challenge that creative people and organizations encounter when attempting to blend the inspired life with the practical ways to succeed.

Creativity is not a hindrance to success, but a powerful asset to use.

#31 Fulfill Your Dreams: Seize the Day and Be Extraordinary (2018)

By Dr. Bob Sawvelle

An amazing book about living victoriously. Dr. Sawvelle draws upon the Bible, his personal experiences, history, and contemporary stories to make the book enjoyable to read.

Each chapter opens to the reader great insight into the practical tools needed to live a more abundant life.

#32 Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose (2017)

By Caroline Adams Miller

According to the Live Happy Magazine in 2017, this was one of the Top 10 books to change your life. This book helps you screen out the spam of life and cultivate authentic grit in every setting to help you live a purposeful life.

With this practical and information-rich practical guide, you can develop the qualities needed to persevere over obstacles.

#33 Women On Purpose: Bible and Business  (2016)

By Tonya Franklin

Women On Purpose examines the stories of Amos in current business application practices needed for business women today. Use this book to find the path to your higher purpose in the areas of business, career, family, and ministry.

Read on to become a woman on purpose.

#34 Life on Purpose: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything (2016)

By Victor J. Strecher

This book is a pioneer in behavioral science that shows how finding your purpose in life leads to better health and overall happiness.

Life on Purpose explores the incredible connection between purposeful living and the latest scientific evidence on quality of life and longevity.

#35 Seize the Day: Living on Purpose and Making Every Day Count (2016)

By Joyce Meyer

One of my favorite writers, who wrote many New York Times bestsellers, is Joyce Meyer. Her books are direct and practical. The relatable personal stories make her books easy to read. In this specific book, she shares a purposeful and practical approach to everyday living, helping readers claim the good things God has in store for them each day.

Don’t let disappointment hold you back, instead, be open to receiving greater happiness and blessings than you ever imagined.

#36 The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do (2015)

By Jeff Goins

This great book is a USA today, Washington Post, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller! It cannot be left out in a reading list of books on finding your true purpose during your quest to the meaning of life. This easy read book explains how to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters with genuine passion and purpose.

It’s about discovering your life’s work—the task you were born to do.

#37 The Happiness of Pursuit: Find the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life (2014)

By Chris Guillebeau

The Happiness of Pursuit is a powerful book that guides and inspires, and reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest. Chris visited ordinary people working toward extraordinary goals, making daily down payments on their big dreams. This compelled him to write this comprehensive and extract the best advice, based on real-life examples.

Though it’s not a 2024 book, it’s a must-read book that can’t be left out in a list of best books on purpose.

#38 The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? (2012)

By Rick Warren

This book is one of the great books of pastor Rick Warren. It’s a New York Times bestseller which has helped over thirty-five million readers to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose.

The Purpose Driven Life is more than a book; it’s a road map for your spiritual journey.

#39  The Power of Habit (2012)

By Charles Duhigg

This New York Times bestseller isn’t written recently, but it is simply a must read for anyone looking to rebuild old habits, form new ones, or start all over.

Changing your habits is the key to unlocking your true potential, and this book is your guide to help you just do that.

Books on purpose by Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe was a renowned author and pastor who dedicated his life to empowering individuals to discover their life’s purpose. Through his thought-provoking books, he passionately conveyed the importance of living a purpose-driven life. Munroe delved into the importance of purpose and how it relates to personal gifts and talents. He emphasized everyone has unique abilities that, when used, can lead to a fulfilling and impactful life.

His books, such as “Understanding Your Potential (2006)” and “In Pursuit of Purpose (1992),” became guiding beacons for countless readers, inspiring them to embrace their true calling, set ambitious goals, and make a positive difference in the world.

Some of his great books on purpose have been published after his death, based on earlier manuscripts:

#40 Discover the Hidden You: The Secret to Living the Good Life (2021)

#41 A Woman of Purpose and Power: A 90-Day Devotional (2019)

#42 Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Woman (2018)

In summary—best books for finding your purpose

Finding purpose in life can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. There are many great books out there to help you find your purpose and live a life of joy and fulfillment. Knowing your purpose enables you to understand and embrace your passion, and to do the things you love.

I hope you are excited to dive into these best books on purpose and start discovering your true calling and life purpose.

I hope this list of books on finding life purpose for women in 2024 has been helpful. Good luck on your journey to discover your life’s purpose!

Say this aloud:

“I’m committed to making my happiness the #1 priority by dedicating time to finding my purpose and living a life of joy and fulfillment.”

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