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Mothers play a vital role in the Bible, not just because they gave life to powerful characters in the Kingdom, but because of their own merits. Moms are caring and strong at the same time. They show love and teach us how to be strong. We should appreciate them throughout the year, true. But this one day is a great opportunity to show gratitude and thank them for their selfless love by giving Christian gifts for Mother’s Day.

Christian moms comfort us in difficult times and encourage us to go on and not to give up. Whether our biological mother, adoption mother, mother figure, or neighbor, they cherish us, raise us, and bring us where we are up to date. On this one day a year, we can surprise them with Christian Mother’s Day gifts.

So, what is the perfect Mother’s Day gift mom loves? A religious Mother’s Day gift is a special gift for special moms. Beautiful gifts that will encourage and strengthen her faith and bring her closer to Jesus Christ.

In this blog, we will check whether Mother’s Day is a Christian tradition, what Bible verses are for Mother’s Day, and what the best Christian Mother’s Day gifts are to reward them for their hard work in 2024. The best gifts are thoughtful Christian gifts.

Christian mom gifts vary from handwritten thank-you notes and Bible quotes expressing your personal relationship, to coffee mugs, tote bags, gift guides, prayer journals, beautiful jewelry, a phone case, or a devotional book. In this blog, you will find plenty of gift recommendations for special Christian women on this special day.

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Is Mother’s Day a Christian celebration?

Mother’s Day is not originally a Christian celebration. It is a holiday that honors mothers and motherhood, which has been celebrated in various cultures throughout history.

However, in recent years, many Christians have embraced Mother’s Day as an opportunity to express their gratitude and appreciation for the important role that mothers and mother figures play in their faith and in their families. It has become a time for Christians to reflect on the biblical examples of motherhood and to give thanks for the love and sacrifices of their mothers.

It is the perfect time to get a meaningful gift for the Christian woman in your life.

So…what are the best Christian gifts for Mothers Day?

What do you get a Christian mother for Mother’s Day?

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When we think of mothers, we think of love. Even the Bible uses the example of mother love to explain the love of God. Isaiah 66:13 compares the way God comforts us to how a mother comforts her child:

“As a mother comforts her son, so I will comfort you.”

It is this mother’s love that compels us to go the extra mile for Mother’s Day. We want to get the perfect gift for her. But let’s be honest, sometimes we just need a little help to find that great gift for that special woman in our lives. In this blog, you’ll find some great Mothers Day ideas for church ladies.

To get you started, here is a topical list of inspirational Christian Mother’s Day gifts. Choose the religious gift that best fits your mother (or mother figure).

Devotionals for women

A devotional book is one of the best Christian gifts for Mothers Day. They can help your mom focus on her spiritual growth in the few spare minutes a day. Moms are often too busy with their daily chores and activities to focus on their personal Bible reading. And exactly that is why a daily devotional thoughts book is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for busy moms.

Is the amazing mom in your life taking care of her family and working outside the house? Then a daily devotional for busy working moms would be the perfect Christian gift!

Here are some amazing devotionals for women (and if you want to look around first, you can go through these womens daily devotionals for Christian moms).

Grace For Today–180 mini devotions

180 short yet powerful devotions focused on God’s faithfulness and loving kindness, reflecting on His power, presence, and promises. Comes with a beautifully feminine cover and fits perfectly in any pocket or handbag!

Unshakeable: 365 Devotions for Finding Unwavering Strength in God’s Word

As Christian moms, we can doubt ourselves and think we aren’t doing the right thing. But God is bigger than your current story—bigger than fear or shame or that voice in your head that whispers that you are not enough, too broken, or too flawed. This Mothers Day devotional will provide strength to go on and the assurance that you are good enough.

Blessings, New Mom: A Women’s Devotional

For the new mother, there is an amazing new moms devotional. This is a weekly devotional for new moms, filled with weekly scriptures, affirmations, devotions, and prayers, providing grace and compassion for the first year of motherhood and beyond.

Prayer journals

A prayer journal is the perfect present for Christian moms.

Prayer journals help to turn our prayer life into focused prayer. We can write our prayers, reflect on what Jesus is teaching, and alter look back at how far God has brought us. Prayer journals are a popular choice for special mothers.

Choose from a great selection of Christian journals for women this Mother’s Day. They make a great Christian mothers day gift together with Bible pens and highlighters.

Strength and Dignity-scripture journal

Beautiful journal about inspiring Bible verses, blessings in your life, and prayers. The Scripture reference from Proverbs 31:25 will remind your mom that leaning on the Lord and doing His good work clothes her in strength and dignity. Comes in a convenient size.

Prayer Journal for Women—52 weeks

This best-seller journal gives space for 52 weeks to write, pray, and reflect on God’s Word. Focus on one verse per week for an entire year. If your mom needs a little extra help to choose a verse, there is a collection of passage suggestions in the back of the journal, organized by category.


‘The God of New Beginnings’ provides rich insights, examples, and guidance for receiving your new beginning from God. You will learn to grasp God’s nature, trust Him, and rely on His unfailing love for you.

Stationary ware and bookmarks

Stationary and beautiful bookmarks are valuable assets for Bible study, everyday use, or Bible journaling. Stationary form the perfect addition to a mom’s religious Mother’s Day gift. It allows her to express her faith and add a touch of beauty to her daily life.

Here are some options for stationary ware and bookmarks that would make great Christian Mother’s Day gifts. I will provide links per category and one example per gift group.

Beautiful Christian bookmarks for women

These bookmarks feature inspiring Bible verses your mom can use to mark her place in her Bible or any other book she is reading. They serve as a reminder of God’s love and promises. Choose from a variety of designs and verses to find the perfect one for your mom.

20 Pieces Bible Verses Inspirational Scripture Bookmarks

Set of 20 pieces. Each beautiful bookmark has a scripture verse and comes with a cross pendant. Comes in in 10 styles, 2 pieces for each style.

Christian stationary sets for women

A5 Floral Bible Verse Notebooks with Motivational Pens

Gorgeous religious journals and ballpoint pen set for Christian women. The small notepads have an inspirational message on the cover.

Christian pens for women

Tinlade 10 Pieces Bible Verse Ballpoint Pens

These feminine the Christian gifts pens come in ten distinct patterns. Each has a Christian slogan, matched with Bible verses. Such as Simply blessed, Saved by Grace, and Be thankful.

Bibles for women

Women Bibles are the best Christian gifts for mom. Bibles are our place to go to for spiritual growth and come in all sorts and sizes. Even though it is the Word of God that matters, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a new Bible with a Bible cover wonderfully designed especially for women?

Women’s Bibles are not just different on the outside, they contain helpful study material specifically designed for women. This makes a woman’s Bible a thoughtful religious gift for Mother’s Day.

NLT THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women

I’ll admit, I am biased with this one—I have one myself (LOL). Each day’s devotional reading contains a key Scripture, a love letter from God, a reflection from Sheri Rose, a treasure of truth callout, and a special prayer for the reader. It’s a top seller!

NKJV, The Woman’s Study Bible

Best seller! This Bible brings the good news of the gospel in a beautiful and meaningful way. Special features designed to speak to a woman’s heart appear throughout the Bible studies, revealing Scripture based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman’s identity as a Christ follower. This woman’s Bible will make Bible study a special time!

And what about this DiverseBee Bible Cover with Handles?

This original zippered Bible carrying case for women is the perfect addition to your mom’s Bible arsenal. It’s a great idea to gift this together with a women’s Bible.

Christian Jewelry

Jewels have that special way of adding a sparkle to our lives. Giving beautiful jewelry to our Christian moms is the perfect way to appreciate them and to let them remember us every time they wear it. They make a perfect religious Mother’s Day gift!

Christian faith jewelry for women, in addition, helps them to remember Jesus at any moment of the day. Small Mothers Day trinkets are a great option—they make the best Christian Mothers Day gifts.

Though you can go to local stores to shop for this type of jewelry, you can also find a great selection of Christian jewelry online. There is a variety of choice available. Here below just a few examples of the gorgeous jewelry for women.

Religious Rose Gold Bracelets for Women

The perfect Christian Cross Cuff bracelet for your Christian mom. Made from titanium steel, with inspirational text: God got this.

Other inspirational inscriptions are available as well!

XULAVA Christian Gifts Mustard Seed Necklace for Women

The mustard seed in this beautiful Christian mom gift represents mountain moving faith. The pendant is made of stainless steel; the mountain is inlaid with shells, and the mustard seed is set in epoxy resin—durable and non-yellowing.

YL Cross Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Infinity Pendant

This beautiful infinity cross necklace is crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with 18k rose gold plated. Comes with a gorgeous gift box.

One of the beautiful Christian gifts for mothers day or another occasion for your beloved mom.

Looking for more Christian Mothers Day gifts? Here are some Chssitian Mothers Day unique gift ideas.

Other Christian gifts for Mothers Day

In this section, a variety of amazing gifts for mom. Each of the Christian Mothers Day ideas is a great way to show gratitude to your mom.

Christian home decor: Elevate her living space with a touch of faith through intricately designed Christian home decor items, such as scripture-inspired wall art or cozy throw blankets featuring uplifting verses.

Christian Wall art: Christian wall art that visually captures the essence of faith, transforming mom’s home into a sanctuary of spiritual reflection and beauty.

Custom wood sign: Looking for more personalized religious gifts? Personalize her space with a custom wood sign engraved with her favorite scripture or a personalized message, creating a unique and cherished Christian gift.

Christian books for women: Immerse her in inspirational narratives and spiritual growth with a carefully selected Christian book, offering a meaningful and thought-provoking reading experience.

A thoughtful gift can be a book on confidence and self esteem.

Books on life purpose for women: Help her discover and embrace her life’s purpose with empowering books tailored to guide Christian women on their journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Relaxing gifts for mom: Treat her to a rejuvenating experience with calming gifts like scented candles, essential oils, or a spa day package, creating a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and reflection.

Door mat with Christian inspirational text: Welcome guests with a door mat featuring Christian inspirational text, offering a warm and inviting entryway that reflects her faith and hospitality.

Wood signs for Christian women: Decorate her home with wooden signs crafted specifically for Christian women, featuring motivational quotes or verses that resonate with her journey of faith.

Coffee mugs for women: Let your mum start her day with a cup of warmth and inspiration using a Christian-themed coffee mug, for example Lifeway mugs, combining practicality with messages of faith to uplift her spirit during coffee moments.

Water bottle stainless steel: Keep her hydrated on the go with a stylish stainless steel water bottle decorated with Christian symbols or verses, combining functionality with a touch of spiritual inspiration.

Phone case with Christian quotes: Merge technology and faith with a phone case adorned with Christian quotes, providing daily reminders of God’s love and guidance in her busy life.

Tote bag: Merge style and faith with a chic tote bag featuring Christian motifs, providing a functional and fashionable accessory that carries a positive message wherever she goes.

Willow Tree gifts: Enhance your Christian Mother’s Day celebration with a Willow Tree gift, capturing the essence of love and family through delicately crafted figurines that speak volumes of heartfelt connections and cherished relationships.

And if you are looking for unique Christian Mothers Day gift ideas, consider also a nice subscription gift or take your mom out for a Feel-good movie.

I hope you enjoyed the overview of religious gifts for mom! Remember, the most important thing is to choose a thoughtful gift that aligns with your mom’s faith and interests. Whether it’s a devotional, a prayer journal, stationary ware, or any other Christian Mother’s Day gift, the thought and love behind it will make it a meaningful and cherished present for your Christian mom on Mother’s Day.

What Bible verses are for Mother’s Day?

There are several other ways to show profound gratitude to our mothers. And they don’t have to cost us anything. One of them is prayer. God hears our prayers behind closed doors and rewards them (Matthew 6:6). When we pray for our mothers, we pronounce blessing and protection over them; we commit them to God’s care.

Another way is to write a Bible verse on a card and add a personal note to it. That will truly make a unique gift.

What Bible verses are perfect for Mother’s Day?

Bible verses from Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31 describes a powerful woman. She is a mother and a businesswoman at the same time. She respects her husband and takes care of her family. Several Bible verses can bless our Christian moms on Mother’s Day:

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25

“When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.”

Proverbs 31:26

“Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her: “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!”

Proverbs 31:28–29 (NLT)

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”

Proverbs 31:30 (NLT)

“Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.”

Proverbs 31:31 (NLT)

Bible verses about mothers

The Bible is full of verses about mothers. Here is a selection of verses you can use for Mother’s Day.

“He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the Lord!”

Psalm 113:9 (NLT)

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

Psalm 139:13-14 (NKJV)

“So give your father and mother joy! May she who gave you birth be happy.”

Proverbs 23:25 (NLT)

“Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

Mark 3:35 (NLT)

“And his mother stored all these things in her heart.”

Luke 2:51 (NLT)

“As he was speaking, a woman in the crowd called out, “God bless your mother—the womb from which you came, and the breasts that nursed you!”

Luke 11:27 (NLT)

Take-Away Christian gifts for Mother’s Day

When it comes to choosing Christian gifts for Mother’s Day, there are plenty of options to consider. The best way is to choose a thoughtful gift that aligns with your mom’s faith and interests.

Whether it’s a devotional, a prayer journal, stationary ware, or any other Christian Mother’s Day gift, the thought and love behind it will make it a meaningful and cherished present for your Christian mom. Don’t forget to include a Bible verse or personalized note to make the gift even more special.