As women, we can feel daunting pressure to fulfill our daily responsibilities, chores, and tasks each day and remain fit, happy, and focused on God at the same time. As Christian women we can feel extra pressure because we know (yes, we know) that we should read the Bible and pray each day. But we simply can’t find the time for it in our overly full packed days. Let’s be honest, we can use some help. This is where the best daily devotionals for women can be like an oasis of peace to our consciousness. 

A daily devotion is an awesome start to the day and helps us refocus our minds and grow in faith. It is spiritually enriching. Powerful daily devotions for women are also a great kick-off point to speak biblical declarations over our lives, increase our confidence and help us live a purposeful life as Christian women.

Having private time with God in the morning can be part of our journey of faith. It reminds us of what to focus on for the rest of our day. It reminds us of our priorities, our calling to love God and love others, and of who we are in Christ and whom He wants us to be.

“Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him.”

1 Chronicles 16:11 (NLT)

What is a women’s devotional?

Daily devotionals, in book or online form, allow us to connect with God when we’re short on time to dig into God’s Word. However, a devotional does not replace our personal time of fellowship with God. Sometimes, we just need a spark to set our minds on the things above. Like a car engine needs ignition before it will run, a good devotion sparks our fellowship with God.

A devotional typically starts with a Scripture, followed by a brief writeup or story, digging deeper into the Bible verse. Often it ends with a call to action, like a prayer or reflection prompt. The written message gives us a deeper understanding of God’s Word and the prompts at the end lead us into our personal time with God, where He can reveal Himself to us in a deeper way. It can help us hear God’s voice.

Daily devotionals for women make it easier to set aside intentional time for prayer as part of our everyday routines as women. Whether we are stay-at-home moms, work for ourselves, or perform our duties in a corporate organization, the busyness of the day can easily distract us. The topics in a devotional for Christian women relate to our own experiences in life. For example, it can be very helpful to read books for single women, if you are unmarried.

Devotionals for women enable us, as daughters of the King, to reflect on inspirational Bible verses or study the women in the Bible (such as Deborah, Ruth & Naomi, or Mary Magdalene), and are a powerful way to reflect and deepen our faith.

Whatever form the devotional has, it will encourage us in our walk with God and in our meditation on God’s Word.  

What is a good woman’s devotional?

What is a good daily devotional? Devotionals come in many forms and sizes. We can find e-books, hardcover or softcover books or booklets, and there are very good online devotions for women as well. A devotional for women’s bible study is also an option. Some have beautifully designed covers, others are simply focused on the content. But let’s be honest, though a devotional with a gorgeous cover is nice to look at, it is the content that counts.

So, what are the best devotionals for women? A good devotional is one that brings us, women, closer to God. Inspiring, helping us to get inner peace. One that enables us to hear God’s voice in many ways and lets us grow in faith. A devotional for women is special because the topics are relatable to our daily circumstances and focus on us as women.

A women’s devotion enables us to know our purpose in life and the reason God created us as women. By using (I said using, not merely reading) a devotional, we will more and more be able to know who we are in Christ and understand we are God’s masterpiece and not created by chance.

How do you pick a good devotional?

We are all unique and have our own gifts, talents, and abilities, as well as personal character, preferences, and tastes. We may choose a different type of women’s devotional because our preferences are different and are in different stages of our lives. As long as the daily devotional is Biblical, speaks truth, and encourages us to grow in faith, it is a good woman’s devotional.

Devotions for encouragement are some of my favorites. These types of devotionals don’t just give daily wisdom, they also cultivate a heart of gratitude. Inspirational stories truly help us on our journey of faith. Reading a devotional in the morning is one essential of a Christian morning routine.

To help you on your way, here is a list of the best daily devotionals for women—each is a devotion for encouragement. Many types are on the list, such as general for women for busy moms, for teenage girls, for young women, for widows, for postpartum mothers, etcetera.

You can also try some of the best devotionals for busy working busy moms!

Preference has been given to new devotionals—to empower you in your walk with God Anno 2024.

The 26 Best Daily Devotionals for Women

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To help you choose, here is a list of the 26 best daily devotionals for Christian women. Devotions for women can help you grasp the amazing power of a woman in the Bible.

Get one for yourself or as a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

#1 Devoted: 30 Days with Women of the Bible – Devotional Bible Study for Women

By Lifeway Women

A 30-Day Bible Study journey with Lifeway Women.

The Bible mentions countless women who bear witness to the faithfulness and love of God. While each woman is unique, they all have one thing in common—a life interwoven with God’s story of redemption.

This 6-session Bible study for women features more than 30 women of the Bible whose lives have inspired generations of women in their faith and devotion to God. Their stories are a reminder that you, too, are made in the image of God, and you have an important part to play in God’s story.


#2 Known by God: 40 Devotions and Insights on Women of the Bible (A God Hears Her Devotional)

By Our Daily Bread

Nothing about you escapes God’s notice. 

Discover the God attentive to every detail of your story by journeying with the women of the Bible. Women of all ages will resonate with 40 devotions, prayers, reflections, historical insights, and word studies written by the women of Our Daily Bread.

The corresponding Bible passages offer a complete devotional experience in this richly designed package. You’ll meet with the God who sees you, loves you, and wants you to be a part of His plans and purposes to make all things new. Read this devotion together with a book on purpose, to make your experience complete!


#3 Get Out of That Pit: A 40-Day Devotional Journal

By Beth Moore

More than half a million people found comfort and the power of Scripture in New York Times bestselling author Beth Moore’s Get Out of That Pit. This version has newly designed interiors, giving a user-friendly experience. This 40-day devotional journal will help inspire and encourage.

Regardless of how you got stuck or how long you’ve been down, your Redeemer is ready to restore you. There are times when life can be challenging, but always remember that God hasn’t forgotten you. A good daily devotional for women is the perfect tool to help you with that.


#4 Finding Your Lane: 30-Day Prayer & Devotional Planner for Christian Women: Daily Prayers, Affirmations, Gratitude & Visualizations, Daily Expectations … & Living Your Best Life for Christian Women

By Toshia Lane

This devotional is perfect for women who feel stuck in their journey or walk with God. If you long for healing and a deeper connection with God, “Finding Your Lane: 30-Day Prayer & Devotional Planner for Christian Women” is just what you need!

It comes with a planner to help you connect with God daily and strengthen your spiritual walk and growth. There are sections to write your personal daily prayers, gratitude, and expectations. This inspiring devotional is a comprehensive guide to living your best life as a Christian woman.


#5 Overcoming Every Problem: 40 Promises from God’s Word to Strengthen You Through Life’s Greatest Challenges

By Joyce Meyer

This Joyce Meyer daily devotional for women is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. The New York Times bestselling author guides you through 40 promises in the Bible so that you can overcome any problem with God’s ultimate wisdom.

No matter how big or how deep the pain of your situation may be or how long it’s been affecting you, you’ll be encouraged and inspired to trust God for better days ahead. Using this devotional to create your own powerful morning declarations will boost you into a day of victory.


#6 Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Week Guided Christian Bible Study with Scripture and Helpful Prompts for Writing

By Bubba Publishing

A 365 daily devotional that includes Scripture verses, reflections on the Word, and journaling prompts. Strengthen your faith and walk with God by following the guidance as a woman of God.

This daily devotional for women has space to capture your thoughts, feelings, and prayers. Thus enabling you to reflect on your spiritual journey and get inner peace.


#7 2024 Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer: 17-Month Weekly Planner for Mom (Includes Stickers, Thru December 2024) (Amy Knapp’s Plan Your Life Calendars)

By Amy Knapp

This #1 national bestselling family organizer to help you live your best mom-life is a must-have for busy households. It includes an activity calendar, meal planner, budget planner, and life organizer. This mom agenda also includes inspirational quotes and color-coded stickers.

Being a devotional and planner in one makes this one of the best devotionals for moms. Looking for a planner that fits perfectly in your purse? Or maybe a gift for busy women who want to get organized and conquer their to-do lists? Look no further!


#8 180 Devotions for When Life Is Hard (teen girl)

By Rae Simons

This is one of the perfect devotions for encouragement and one of the best devotionals for young adults. Discover the comfort and encouragement you need in this devotional written for young girls. You’ll find uplifting and inspiring words in this devotional for life’s ups and downs.

Though this isn’t directly a devotionals for moms…, it can be if you read it together with your daughter! Spend quality family time in God’s presence, thus making this one of the best devotionals for moms.

The perfect gift for your daughter, niece, or of course for yourself!


#9 Beyond The Clouds: The Daily Devotional Workbook For Teen Girls

By Biblical Teachings 

Today’s teenage girls encounter countless challenges in our complex world. These challenges can lead to stress and anxiety. Academic performance and social dynamics at school can be stressful. Social media presents curated images and societal expectations that are always present.

This workbook, with prayers, techniques, and exercises will help find inspiration, hope, and practical strategies to overcome the stress. Helping you manage your anxiety and stress in only 11 weeks makes this one of the best devotionals for young adults.


#10 Just a girl who loves Jesus, prayer journal for women

By JB Harrison

52-week scripture-based prayer journal for women who want to deepen their faith and strengthen their relationship with God.

Along with its scripture-focused design, this journal functions as a bible journaling notebook, enabling the capture of thoughts and expression of creativity during the study of God’s Word. It comes with various bible accessories, including stickers, washi tapes, and bookmarks. 


#11 God Sees You: 21 Devotions for the Woman Who Feels Invisible

By Aminata Coote

Have you ever felt like you’re going unnoticed in life? Do you ever feel like your actions and contributions are pointless and you’re just going through the motions? This devotional is for you if you answered yes to any of these questions.

This devotional for women takes you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Walk in the shoes of biblical women to recognize their worth, and come to terms with your own worth. Each day’s reading will challenge you to draw parallels to your own life. It has prompts to help you accept that God sees you and you are precious in His sight.


#12 Mothering Life Devotional: 40 Devotions for Postpartum Motherhood – Equipping Moms with Encouragement and Wisdom

By Meredith Storrs

The Mothering Life Devotional is specifically for mothers who are experiencing the joys and challenges of postpartum motherhood. It contains 40 devotions in the form of stories that allow you to reflect on your current season and connect with God in a new way. These stories teach you about the loving care of God, who is like the best of mothers. Focusing on the post-partum period makes this one of the best devotionals for moms.

These meditations are short but meaningful. They aim to help you through the challenges of the postpartum season by giving you a chance to spend time in God’s word, even if you have only 5 minutes a day. Each spread includes a scripture, a brief lesson, a personal story related to the verses, and space for taking notes and journaling.


#13 The Widow’s Song: Meditations for Widows from God’s Word with Stories from Widows’ Journeys (2022)

by Frances King Abrams

In the pages of The Widow’s Song, a collection of devotionals, widows will find encouragement from the author’s personal journey of grief and healing, the journeys of ten other widows, and stories of Biblical widows.

Frances encourages widows to find strength and healing in the loving God who sees them. She encourages widows to turn their heartbreak into a ministry tool.


#14 HOPE Women’s Devotional 28 Days of Healing Overcoming Praying and Encouraging (2020)

by Debra Gray Elliott (Author)

For women who lost hope.

Find hope through healing, overcoming, praying, and encouraging with the Lord’s words in this encouraging devotional for women. Overcome 7 obstacles, pray for 7 needs, and find hope in 7 areas of your life through healing and encouragement.


#15 Be transformed daily: 365 day devotional (2021)

By Millicent Jandles

To transform yourself, start by changing your thinking. The book aims to inspire you to reflect on what God has been communicating to you all this while. This 365 daily devotional not only inspires and encourages you, but also helps you stay focused on your true self and connected to God.


#16 You Got This: 90 Devotions to Equip and Empower Hardworking Women (2021)

By Melissa Horvath & Sweet Water Decor

90 daily devotions to equip and empower hard-working women. It’s easy for us women to get wrapped up in all that we do and then forget who God created us to be. Whether we’re hardworking inside the home or outside the home or both, we need encouragement and grace to meet the demands life puts on us. These devotions for encouragement will give exactly that!

Each entry of this women’s daily devotional reminds us to tap into God’s strength. Each devotion begins with a Scripture passage followed by an inspirational message to challenge and encourage women in their work, lives, and faith.


#17 God Sees Her: 365 Devotions for Women by Women (2020)

Following the overwhelming success and rave reviews of God Hears Her, this is another devotional written by women for women to reassure you that God is with you. This devotional is a beautifully styled giftbook with 366 meditations that speak to the heart of women.

Allow these short Our Daily Bread devotionals written by women like you to refresh your spirit and daily remind you of God’s presence. It’s perfect for gift giving to your girlfriends too with its handy size, ribbon marker, and decorative cover.


#18 Encouragement For Women: A Thirty Day Devotional By Women For Women (2021)

By Charity Joy Berkey

Encouragement for Women is different because it shares stories of Christian women like you and me. These stories show their successes and failures, highs and lows. By seeing their triumphs, you can find inspiration and encouragement to keep walking with Jesus. You may even grow closer to Him during your own challenges.

Every Christian woman can benefit from this thirty-day devotional. It is a powerful devotion for encouragement.


#19 Strength for Each Day: 365 Devotions to Make Every Day a Great Day (2021)

By Joyce Meyer

Discover a powerful and positive mindset each day of the year with uplifting insights and motivational Bible verses provided by #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer.

In an overview of daily devotionals for women, Joyce Meyer cannot be left out. In this daily devotional for women, you will learn to recognize new mercies and blessings in each day. The practical teaching format in this 365-day devotional will encourage you to take the time for yourself so that you can receive strength for each day!


#20 Fighting Words Devotional: 100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness (2021)

By Ellie Holcomb

Fighting Words is a beautiful devotional for women designed with Scripture memory pages, questions, and honest reflections to encourage you. It provides a safe place for you to grapple with and hold onto the precious truths in God’s Word. By doing so, you can resist the lies that often consume, distract, and destroy us.

God’s Word serves as a refuge, solace, melody, healing ointment, and support. When you use God’s Word, with help of this powerful devotional, you will gradually discover that you are countering lies with truth, pushing away darkness, and embracing the light.


#21 Becoming The Modern Proverbs 31 Woman: A 31-Day devotional through the Book of Proverbs (2020)

By Chrystal V Bernard

After reading about the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible, have you ever thought “Wow! She is a superwoman.”? This 31-day devotional will demystify and define the Proverbs woman and what her attributes and characteristics look like in modern day.

This devotion helps you be a modern Proverbs 31 woman, use God’s wisdom to face challenges, and meet your family’s needs. With practical application steps for implementing the Lord’s wisdom and thought-provoking questions, the devotional prepares you to start on day one.


#22 Impressions: 21-Day Devotional Journal for Women (2022)

By Dawn M Hanson

The perfect devotional for when you find yourself in a crossroad of life. Life is filled with choices and moments that can change everything. This is particularly important when you’re entering a new stage in your life, such as an empty nest, a career change, or moving.

To move forward effectively, you need clear guidance. And that’s what this e-devotional is all about. During each day of your 21-day journey, you’ll discover modern-day parables that help you grow in faith. The journaling sections are perfect for your personal devotion time with God.


#23 Midnight Mom Devotional: 365 Prayers to Put Your Momma Heart to Rest (2020)

By Becky Thompson & Susan K. Pitts

Although not published in 2024, it is still a bestselling women’s devotional in 2024! It’s a USA TODAY AND PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BESTSELLER.

As moms, our nights can be sleepless because of various reasons… Seeking God in those intimate moments of the day, is a perfect time for a devotional. Making this book one of the best devotionals for moms. Each night devotional offers a different prayer for mommas in all circumstances of life. A 365 daily devotional of prayers to bring nightly hope and a sense of connection to mothers who feel alone.


#24 Choose Confidence: 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls (2022)

By April Frazier

Confidence is one of the most important assets for a woman. It’s the foundation for success in life, relationships, and ministry. But all too often, women struggle to see themselves the way God sees them—fearful, anxious, and uncertain. Making it vital to start building confidence at a young age.

This devotional for teen girls will help you turn your thoughts from fear and worry to faith and hope. You’ll be encouraged to trust in God’s provision and power, to live in confidence, and to experience joy and peace in the midst of life’s challenges.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the power of just a few minutes of reading and reflection to renew your spirit and give you the courage and confidence you need to live a life of victory.


#25 Finding Jesus in Everyday Moments: 100-Day Devotional Journal for Women (2021)

By by Anne Cetas

This book with powerful daily devotionals is still a bestseller in 2024! The beautiful assembly of 100 devotions will help you draw close to God and reflect on His presence in everyday moments. It includes Bible verses, prayers, daily takeaways, and more.

Anne Cetas connects with her readers by sharing her own doubts, pain, and tough questions. Her writing is authentic, inspiring you to join her on a journey to discover a deeper love and understanding of your Savior.


#26 Grace for the Moment Family Devotional (2020)

By Max Lucado

In a list with the best devotionals for women, a book by New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado can’t be left out! Though not a 2024 print, it’s value is still timeless and can be read and enjoyed by women of all ages today. Grace for the Moment by New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado has inspired millions.

Women are often the engine behind family devotion time, that’s why this is the perfect devotion for moms. The family devotional edition has 100 days of devotionals. It’s a great way for families to share the help and hope of God in everyday moments with their children. The edition includes a daily devotional for adults and a separate kid-friendly devotional that talks about the same topic. So that you can grow in Christ across the generations.