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When I became a Christian at age 25, I had never in my life read a Bible or gone to church before. As a new Christian, I had no idea about what the best Bible translation for new believers would be. And since that was over 25 years ago, I couldn’t hop on the internet to get some background information.

I had to try it all by myself. New in the faith. New in bible reading. New in everything related to the Christian faith. So, I can truly understand that with dozens of translations available, it is not an easy task to find the best translation for new believers!

As new Christians, it is important to find the best Bible to read and understand and relatable. The language used in some translations can be outdated or difficult to comprehend, especially for those who are new to the Christian faith.

In this blog, you will find an overview of the best easy to read Bible for adults (English Bibles). Whether you prefer a more literal translation or a more dynamic one, you will be able to find the right Bible for you—in the best Bible translation, that fits your personal preference.

Additionally, we will also discuss the best study Bibles, which can be helpful for new believers who want to dive deeper into the Scriptures. Scroll down and find the best study Bible for modern readers.

What is the best translation of the Bible for a new believer?

For new Christians and first-time Bible readers, it’s important to understand the Biblical language. The ancient languages in some of the ‘old’ Bible translations could make it difficult to understand the meaning of God’s Word.

Before choosing your first Bible, it’s important to understand that every Bible is a translation of the original languages in which the manuscripts and letters were written. The Old Testament texts were written in original Hebrew, and the New Testament was originally written in Greek. Some parts of scripture were also written in Aramaic, the probably spoken language of Jesus.

The Hebrew and Greek texts are the most accurate versions of the Word of God—but who can read Hebrew or Greek? That’s why Bible translators put time and effort into translating the original manuscripts to the English language or one of the other 736 languages in which the Bible has been translated so far.

Choosing the best Bible translation for new believers can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available. One factor to consider is the language used in the translation. Some older translations may use outdated or complex language that can be difficult for new believers to comprehend.

Another factor to consider is the accuracy of the translation. While the original Hebrew and Greek texts are the most accurate versions of the Bible, not everyone can read these languages. That’s why Bible translators have put in the effort to translate the original manuscripts into various languages, including English.

It’s important to find a translation that uses clear and modern language, making it easier for new Christians to grasp the meaning of God’s Word.

Remember, the most important thing is to find a Bible translation that speaks to your heart and helps you grow in your faith. Take the time to explore different translations and find the one that resonates with you as a new believer.

Types of Bible translations

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A good translation captures the original meaning of the text into modern language. There are different types of translations: word-for-word translation, thought-for-thought translation, and paraphrase.

  • Word-for-word translation, also known as a literal translation, aims to keep the exact words and sentence structure of the original text. This type of translation may not always flow smoothly in modern English and can be more challenging for new believers to understand.
  • Thought-for-thought translations, also known as a dynamic equivalence translation, focuses on conveying the overall meaning and ideas of the original text. This type of translation communicates the message in a way that is easier to understand for modern readers. It balances accuracy and readability, making it a popular choice for new believers.
  • Paraphrase translation takes a more interpretive approach by rephrasing the text that emphasizes clarity and readability. Although it may not follow the original text word for word, the goal is to convey the essence and meaning of the message. Paraphrase translations are often used for devotional purposes or as a companion alongside a more literal translation.

When choosing the best Bible translation for new Christians, consider their reading level, familiarity with the Christian faith, and personal preferences.

11 easy Bible versions for new believers

So, what’s the best version of the Bible to understand? Which Bible translation is best? Which bible should I read first?

Start with an easy-to-understand version. By and by, if you like, you could explore other translations.

Here are the 11 most popular translations of the Bible for new Christians:

  1. English New Living Translation Bible (NLT): A popular translation for new believers is the New Living Translation. This translation focuses on conveying the meaning of the original texts in a contemporary and easy-to-understand manner. It uses modern language and idioms, making it relatable to a wide range of readers, including those who are new to the Christian faith.
  2. New Believer’s Bible (NLT translation): this Bible is in the same NLT translation. What makes it different is that the New Believers Bible NLT is uniquely designed to help the new Christian read, study, and understand the Bible. It includes features that help Christians develop and deepen their faith while providing a foundation for their new life in Christ.
  3. Christian Basics Bible (NLT translation): the Christian Basics Bible is also in the NLT translation. It is filled with features designed to help readers, especially those new to the Bible, connect biblical teachings to Christian beliefs and see how those beliefs apply to their lives. By delivering the right amount of both information and application, The Christian Basics Bible can become the catalyst for living a vibrant Christian life.
  4. New American Standard Bible (NASB): this is another popular choice for new believers. It is known for its literal and precise translation, aiming to stay as close to the original Hebrew and Greek texts as possible. While it may not flow as smoothly in modern English, it provides a high level of accuracy, making it a reliable option for those seeking a faithful representation of God’s Word.
  5. The Living Bible (TLB): The TLB is a paraphrased translation that seeks to convey the meaning and essence of the original texts in a conversational style. It uses modern language and idioms, making it relatable and understandable for new believers.
  6. New International Version Bible (NIV): One of the best Bible translations for new believers is the New International Version. This translation is known for its clarity and readability, making it accessible to individuals who may not have a background in biblical studies. The NIV strives to balance accuracy with readability, making it a great choice for those who are new to the Bible.
  7. Christian Standard Bible (CSB): this is a revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), updating translation and word choices in order to improve the balance of faithfulness and clarity, as well as to enhance the shareability of the translation to new Christians or those reading the Bible for the first time. It uses modern language and strives for clarity, making it suitable for new believers. Many evangelical Christian leaders endorsed the CSB.
  8. Good News Translation (GNT): The Good News Translation, also known as the Good News Bible or Today’s English Version (TEV), aims to present the message of the Bible in a clear and straightforward manner. It uses simple language and is particularly suited for readers who may struggle with complex or archaic vocabulary. The GNT is widely used in outreach and evangelistic efforts.
  9. Easy-to-Read Version (ERV): As the name suggests, the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) is designed to be accessible to readers of all ages and reading levels. It uses simplified language and shorter sentences, making it ideal for new believers or those with limited English proficiency. The ERV prioritizes clarity and simplicity without sacrificing the essential meaning of the text.
  10. English Standard Version (ESV) – New Christian’s Bible: For those who prefer a more formal translation, the English Standard Version is a great option. It aims to provide a word-for-word translation while still maintaining readability. The ESV New Christian’s Bible is different from the standard ESV: articles have been written to address specific issues for new believers and unique reading plans are available making this the perfect Bible for new Christians, church visitors, youth, and new church members.
  11. New English Translation (NET): The New English Translation is a translation that places a strong emphasis on transparency and accuracy. It includes extensive translator notes that provide insight into the translation process. We know the NET for its scholarly approach and is a helpful resource for those who want a deeper understanding of the text.

Now you may ask, is the Geneva Bible a good translation? The Geneva Bible was an important Bible in Scotland and England before and even after the King James Version was published in 1611. The Geneva Bible was also the primary Bible used by many early settlers in America. It was easy to use and easy to study and learn from because of those marginal notes, cross-references, and being published in the common vernacular.

Ultimately, the best Bible to buy for new believers will depend on personal preferences, reading level, and familiarity with the Christian faith.

It’s important to choose a translation that speaks to the heart and helps foster growth in faith. Each translation has its own unique features and benefits, so new believers are encouraged to explore and find the one that resonates with them and helps them grow in their faith.


‘The God of New Beginnings’ provides rich insights, examples, and guidance for receiving your new beginning from God. You will learn to grasp God’s nature, trust Him, and rely on His unfailing love for you.

What is the best book in the Bible to start with for a new believer?

When starting out as a new believer, it’s overwhelming to decide where to begin reading in the Bible. While every book in the Bible is important and holds valuable teachings, there are a few books that are often recommended for new believers to start with.

One of the most commonly recommended books for new believers is the Gospel of John. This book provides a detailed account of Jesus’ life, teachings, and miracles, giving new believers a strong foundation in understanding who Jesus is and what he came to accomplish.

Another book that is often suggested for new believers is the book of Romans. This book delves into important theological concepts such as salvation, grace, and faith, providing a deep understanding of the core principles of Christianity and Christian beliefs.

The book of Psalms is also a great choice for new believers. It is a collection of prayers, songs, and poems that express a range of emotions and experiences, allowing new believers to connect with God on a personal and emotional level.

Start your day by reading God’s Word, as part of your Christian morning routine. This will positively impact your everyday life. It will also help you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus throughout the day.

Reading and studying the Bible is a lifelong journey of learning and growing in faith. As a new believer, take your time, be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and allow the Word of God to transform your life.

What is a good Bible study for a new believer?

Studying the Bible is not the same as simply reading it. It requires delving deeper into the text, gaining a thorough understanding, and applying its teachings to our own lives. A new believer can enhance their understanding and growth in faith by finding a good study Bible.

If you want to find the best study Bible for new believers, you have several options to choose from. A good study Bible has additional features, such as cross-references, study notes, maps, and concordances, that can help new believers dive deeper into the meaning and context of the scriptures.

A fun way to engage with the Word of God is with Christian coloring pages with Bible verses. As a new believer, this is a great way to get familiar with Scriptures.

It is beneficial for new believers to engage in personal Bible study and devotional reading. There are different ways to engage in Bible reading, such as reading a specific book, using a devotional guide, or following a reading track. The key is to consistently spend time in God’s Word, seeking understanding and allowing it to transform one’s life.

Bible journaling is a perfect way to engage with God’s Word. So, grab your Bible pens and highlighters, and start!

As a new believer, it’s important to be patient with yourself and give yourself grace. Growing in faith is a journey, and it takes time. Surround yourself with a supportive Christian community, seek guidance from mature believers, and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you in your study and understanding of the Bible.

5 Best study Bible for beginners

The best study Bible for a new believer will depend on personal preferences and learning style. It is important to choose a study Bible that is user-friendly and provides the tools for in-depth study, deeper understanding, and spiritual growth.

Before you read or study your Bible, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to let God’s Word come alive. God’s Word isn’t just ink on paper, captured in our Bibles.

“For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.”

Hebrews 4:12 (NLT)

So, what is the best bible study for new believers?

Here are the 5 best, easy-to-understand, study Bibles in contemporary English. Studying the Bible for yourself is a great way to achieve spiritual growth—a study Bible for beginners can give you the guidance and tools you need to delve deeper into the Word of God.

  1. NIV Life Application Study Bible: a popular choice is the “Life Application Study Bible.” This study Bible not only provides the text of the Bible but also includes extensive study notes, maps, charts, and other helpful resources to help new believers understand and apply the teachings of the Bible to their lives.
  2. ESV Study Bible: Another highly recommended study bible for new believers is the “ESV Study Bible.” This study bible offers in-depth explanations, cross-references, and study notes written by a team of biblical scholars to provide a comprehensive understanding of the biblical text.
  3. NIV Study Bible: the “NIV Study Bible” is another excellent option, known for its informative study notes, maps, and charts that aid in understanding the context and background of the biblical passages.
  4. MacArthur Study Bible: The MacArthur Study Bible is another highly recommended study Bible for new Christians. The text includes extensive commentary and notes from John MacArthur, a renowned pastor and theologian. These insights provide valuable understanding of the text. This study Bible also includes maps, charts, and study aids to help readers grasp the historical and cultural context of the Scriptures. You can choose a fitting translation for this study Bible.
  5. CSB Study Bible For Women: The CSB Study Bible for Women is a great option for female new believers who desire a study Bible specifically designed to address their unique needs and perspectives. It includes insightful study notes, character profiles, and articles that focus on women’s issues and experiences in relation to the biblical teachings. This makes the CSB for women the best Bible for new Christian woman.

Joining a Bible study group or finding a mentor can also be beneficial for new believers to enhance their understanding and grow in their faith. You could, for example, join a beginner Bible study for adults at your church or in your living area.

The journey of faith is unique for each individual, and the choice of Bible translation and study materials should ultimately be guided by what resonates with the new believer and helps them grow in their relationship with God.


Finding the best Bible translation for new believers is a personal journey. It’s important to choose a Bible or study Bible that aligns with your learning style and provides the tools you need to deepen your understanding of scripture.

Ultimately, the best Bible version new believers will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is important to choose a study Bible that resonates with you and aligns with your learning style. It should also provide the necessary tools for deeper understanding and spiritual growth. So you can develop a closer relationship with God.