BAPTISM GIFTS FOR ADULTS in the form of a white ceramic cross with a dove and Bible verse inscription


Baptism as an adult marks an important decision—it symbolizes the covenant of grace with Jesus Christ, through which we are forgiven and have our sins washed away. A special occasion like that deserves something tangible to remember the day—even though baptism is a spiritual event, not physical. There is a great variety of baptism gifts for adults that can be given on this special day.

Adult baptism is an outward demonstration of the transformation of new birth in the Lord Jesus as an act of obedience. The act of being baptized confirms our newness of life in Christ. We express our willingness to follow Christ’s example and teachings, be a servant of God, and make a significant step in our Christian life.

I truly remember mine! At 25, I gave my life to Christ and subsequently had an adult water baptism, even though I was raised as an atheist. And yes, I still remember the meaningful baptism gifts I received (LOL).

Christian baptism isn’t about the gifts, but a commemorative gift can help us remember the life-changing decision we made. Many adult baptism gifts come with scriptures and Christian symbols, making the special event even more memorable.

Now, if you are wondering what to give for a baptism gift, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, I’ll share many ideas for meaningful baptism gifts for adults—from Christian books for baptism, Bibles, and devotionals to personalized bookmarks and Bible verse stationary.

You’ll also find other Christian baptism gifts, such as cards, jewelry, wall art, prayer journals, Christian home décor, mugs, clothing, and several other baptism gift ideas.

Now, let’s dive into it and explore the top 44 great gift ideas for adults getting baptized in 2024.

Do you give gifts for adult baptisms?

Before we look at the various Christina baptism gifts for adults, let’s ponder about the question “Do you buy a gift for a baptism?” Is it okay to buy a gift and can we also attend a baptism without giving anything?

There isn’t a standard answer to these questions, though.

Baptism is all about what happens in the spiritual, not as much as here in the natural world. Baptism is also an outward sign of the decision you make in front of your congregation, friends, and family members. Something important happens in both worlds.

The act of getting baptized signifies a special moment in a Christian life—a moment worth celebrating. I believe there is a celebration in Heaven also each time someone gets baptized!

“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

Luke 15:7 (NIV)

With a celebration like this on a baptism day, I believe it’s okay to give a meaningful gift. As long as we don’t make the material gifts more important than the spiritual gift of new birth in Christ. It is also perfectly fine not to give a gift, but truly rejoice with the believer’s baptism. Either way is fine.

It will all depend on your traditions, your relationship with the celebrant, and your church. And most importantly, God created each of us differently. We may have different preferences when it comes to giving christening gifts.

One thing to add here is that you rarely give the gift at the baptism ceremony itself, but during the reception afterward. Most people organize a gathering for fellowship after the baptism.

If you’re not sure, approach the topic in prayer and ask God to guide you. He will answer you and the Holy Spirit will convict you on what to do.

We shouldn’t judge each other if we give gifts or if we don’t (Romans 14:10-13). Also, when we believe our choice is right, we shouldn’t let pressure from others change our decision.

“Blessed are those who don’t feel guilty for doing something they have decided is right.”

Romans 14:22 (NLT)

Another question to answer is whether money is an appropriate gift for a baptism, and if so, how much to give for baptism.

Do you give money for a baptism?

Here, again, it all depends on your personal preferences and that of your community. And, not to forget, the one getting baptized! There isn’t a standard guideline or rule on whether or not to give money for adult baptism.

If you choose to give money, how much money do you give for a baptism? There is no fixed amount to give. Some people say USD 100 as a guideline for someone very close to you and USD 50 for a friend; but feel free to vary on the amounts! It’s also perfectly fine to give a monetary gift that is within your means. It’s your heart’s attitude that matters, not the size of your gift.

Now that we know we can give money (if we like) and buy gifts for the celebrant, let’s look at what to give for a baptism gift for adults.

What to get for baptism adult?

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When selecting the perfect baptism gift for an adult friend, consider what your friend would like to receive. Every person is different and may appreciate different presents. Try to see it from their perspective and you’ll get the perfect gift for that person. For example, try to find out what their favorite Bible verse is and select a gift with that verse, or use the verse differently with your present. 

Add some creativity to it (a personal touch) and you’ll get an excellent gift. If you need some inspiration for the right baptism gift, I created a complete overview of top Christian baptism gifts for adults.

Just scroll through the religious gift ideas and keep the preference of the new convert in mind while you choose to ensure you’ll personalize it.

Christian books for baptism

Some of the best adult gifts are baptism book gifts. The great thing about a Christian book is that it not only helps the new convert remember the day, it also helps her to grow in faith. The best option will be a non-fiction book.

The choice of Christian books is limitless!  

Here are just some baptism books for adults that may be a good fit.

#1 New Believer’s Guide to Effective Christian Living

Greg Laurie, a well-known evangelist, provides answers to common questions new Christians often have in this guide. It answers such questions as “How should I live as a Christian?” “How do I talk to God?” and “Where should I go to church?”

This truly is a great adult baptism gift!

#2 Baptism and Fullness: The Work of the Holy Spirit Today

“The Christian life is life in the Spirit,” writes author John Stott. This book breaks down the Bible’s teachings on the Holy Spirit: the promise of the Spirit, the fruits, and the gifts of the Spirit. It tells you exactly what “the baptism of the Spirit” is.

Perfect gift for water baptism, as the celebrant will learn about the Spirit’s baptism with this awesome Christian book.

#3 The God of New Beginnings

With this book, I am biased (LOL)….. as I wrote it myself. I believe it’s a great fit for baptism though. As baptism symbolizes a new beginning from God and that is exactly what this book is all about.

This book helps us understand God’s character, the new beginnings He gives, the reason He gives them, and how we can position ourselves to receive them.

The God of New Beginnings.Front page.Christel Owoo

Want to explore more book options? Try Christian books about worship or fasting and praying, or for example a Bible study book. All are great fits for adults who just got baptized.

Holy Bible

A new Bible makes the ideal gift. Try to select a Bible translation for new believers, as that will help a new convert to understand and embrace God’s Word. You can choose from a variety of Bibles, topical Bibles, or, for example, study Bibles.

#4 New Believer’s Bible NLT (Softcover): First Steps for New Christians

The New Believer’s Bible is designed to make it easy for new Christians to read and study the Bible. It has features that help Christians grow in their faith and start their new life in Christ.

This is a perfect baptism gift for an adult, as it has the full Bible in an easy-to-read translation and various additional explanations and guidelines throughout the Bible.

#5 Bible Study Guide for Beginners: Each of the 66 Books Explained for Getting Started (The Bible Study Book)

This Bible study book is like a road map for beginners to understand and embrace the Bible in their daily lives. Includes an explanation of the key themes for each book of the Bible, a summary of the message in each book, and a devotion to reflect on.

Bible Study for Beginners opens the way to a direct relationship with the living Word of God.

#6 Bible Made Easy: The Starting Guide For Beginners Getting To Know Jesus Christ

Perfect for new Christians to learn the significance behind both the new and old testaments. With help for looking up verses or finding popular stories. Guides on how to learn more about God, how to be closer to him, and how to pray to Him.

With: History of the Bible, Stories in the Bible, The Ten Commandments, The journey of Jesus, Useful bible verses.

Devotionals for new believers

Devotionals come in various types and sizes. Each daily devotional is a bite-sized piece of God’s Word. Some are for the entire year, while others are for a week, a month, or a season of life. There are devotional books for men and women, or around various topics.

If the celebrant is a woman, look also into the 12 Best Daily Devotionals For Busy Working Moms and the 26 Inspiring Best Daily Devotionals for Women. If the celebrant is an adult woman, these may give you perfect options for a baptism gift.

#7 Brand New: A 40-Day Guide to Life in Christ

Brand New is a brief and practical 40-day devotional for new Christians to help them reflect on and answer the common questions themselves. Readers will learn: The basics of the Christian faith, The story of the Bible, The character of God, and The practices of the Christian life.

Each day has reflection questions and a prayer paraphrased from the Bible to learn how to use God’s word in personal prayers.

#8 God’s Purpose for Your Life: 365 Devotions (Devotionals from Charles F. Stanley)

Dr. Charles F. Stanley reveals in this yearlong devotional (read by millions!), that God’s plans for you exceed your wildest imagination. This devotional makes a great gift idea for an adult baptism, as it empowers the new Christian to make godly goals and joyfully obey God’s Word.

Has a devotion for each day of the year.


#9 Every Day With Jesus: First Steps for New Believers (A New Believer’s Resource)

Finding time for Jesus can be challenging with all the distractions of ads, chores, and social obligations. But in order to thrive in our overworked, overstimulated society, it must be a priority. This daily devotional offers structure and biblical inspiration for new Christians.

The author, Greg Laurie is a well-known expert at helping new believers grow closer to Christ daily so they’ll flourish in their relationship with God.

#10 New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

Paul David Tripp’s bestselling devotional features 365 gospel-centered readings for the entire year. A kind baptism gift, as this devotional focuses on helping people encounter the living God and provides readers with the good news they need to trust in God’s goodness, rely on his grace, and live for his glory consistently.

Christian bookmarks for baptism

#11 Religious bookmark for baptism

A stainless steel bookmark with a beautiful design. Has a chain with a cross and the number 2024, to commemorate the year of baptism. Engraved with “washed by the water.”

The best gift for adult baptism!

#12 Christening bookmark

An exquisite baptism gift for adults. Comes with a cross and the year of baptism, and has a beautifully engraved baptism text on it. Stainless steel. Comes with a gift box.

#13 Baptism bookmark

Beautiful bookmark with engraved Bible verse (Jeremiah 29:11) to always remind the new convert of God’s plans for his/her life. Stainless steel, wrapped with protective film.

perfect to use in a Bible or Christian book.

#14 12 Pcs Bible Verses Bookmarks with Cross Pendants

Set of 12 bookmarks with Bible verses and cross-shaped stone pendants, 6 different Bible verses and designs.

The stone cross pendant is made from natural quartz stone, the color matches each bookmark.

A personalized baptism gift would be a baptism bookmark with the celebrant’s name engraved.

Christian stationary

A splendid gift will be a Bible pen or highlighter set for Bible journaling.  

Other Christian stationary ideas are:

#15 Bible verse stationery

A beautiful and complete set of 480 Bible verse cards with full scripture encouraging prayer cards. 60 different styles; With 8 cards per style. Each in a convenient size, easy to take along.

Will fit any baptism celebrant!

#16 24 Bible verse pens and Bible notebooks gift set

A beautiful set with 12 Christian journals in 6 designs and 12 black ink Bible pens in 12 designs. Each notebook has a Bible verse on the cover and comes in a portable size.

Each pen is adorned with a meaningful blessing.

Prayer Journals

#17 Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal

Perfect prayer journal with Scripture verses, reflections on God’s Word, and journaling prompts to guide your walk with God and strengthen your faith. The verses are organized thematically. With space to write your reflections, journal your praises to God, and your answered prayers. Perfect as adult baptism gift for a woman.

#18 The Prayer Journal for Him

A daily Christian journal for men to practice gratitude, reduce anxiety, and strengthen their faith. With Bible verses and plenty of space for journaling.

#19 Christian Daily Prayer & Gratitude Journal

This prayer journal comes with a daily planner, biblical affirmations, prayer requests, prayer journal, and Bible journal for women and men. Covers 6 Months. Deepen your relationship with God through daily prayer and gratitude. This Journal helps you give thanks, count blessings, and build positive habits with biblical affirmations.

Christian jewelry

Jewelry makes beautiful baptism gifts. Christian jewelry offers a wide range of options and different materials to choose from. I selected just a few here, to give you an idea.

If you’re looking for more ideas, have a look at this collection of Christian jewelry.

#20 Baptism Bracelet for Adult Baptism Gift

Ultimate baptism jewelry! Cuff bracelet with engraved text: I Left it in The Water. Meaningful baptism gift for adults. It comes with a pack of polishing cloth and a Kivosliviz Jewelry sealed bag, ready for gifting.

#21 Baptized in Christ Bangle Bracelet

Stainless steel and alloy bangle baptism bracelet. Beautifully engraved with the quote “On the day of your baptism the angels said a prayer, that God would always bless you and keep you in his care”.

A nice gift to celebrate that special date in a Christian adult’s life.

#22 JoycuFF Cross Necklace for Women

Beautiful designed 925 Sterling Silver necklace with cross as a symbol of salvation, faith, and hope.

Perfect baptism cross necklace for women.

#23 Fiusem cross necklace for men

Inspirational Bible verse cross chain for men. Stainless steel, select from 3 colors. With inscription based on Matthew 19:26: All things are possible.

Makes a memorable gift for an adult baptism.

#24 …click here for more baptism jewelry for adults.

Christian wall art

Christian wall art, such as scripture art prints, is an excellent baptism gift! Choose from Christian art print with a wooden frame or a picture frame, or what about a wall tapestry?

Wall art is one example of Christian home décor. There are various other options when it comes to Christian home décor ideas.

Here are some great ideas for wall art befitting a baptism.

#25 Psalm 91 Wall Art

Framed high quality, HD prints on premium canvas, waterproof, UV resistant, fading resistant. Each canvas print panel is already stretched on a solid wooden frame, ready to be hung.

Here are more ideas for personalized Psalm 91 prayers.

#26 Metal Bible Verses Wall Decor As For Me And My House

This bible verse wall decor is made of durable metal iron and is easy to hang. All mounting accessories come included. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Perfect baptism gift as this will inspire the celebrant daily.


#27 Bible Verse Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case

A beautiful and unique baptism gift for adults. Handmade pillow with Bible quote: Jeremiah 29:11. These eternal words of Hope will be a daily reminder of God’s grace and faithfulness.

#28 More pillows for adult baptism gifts.

Baptism Cards

A baptism card with a personalized special message is one of the great thoughtful gift ideas for adult baptism. Write a personal message, a Bible verse, or an encouragement to the celebrant, and you have a beautiful gift.

Cards are a great way to express your care and support to the celebrant. They also are one of the perfect last minute baptism gift ideas!

#29 Old English Co. Gold Foil Dove Baptism Card for Adults

This beautiful greeting card is perfect to celebrate a Baptism Day. Printed with metallic gold foil on white; gender neutral design, so it is suitable for both women and men. Comes with a high-quality envelope.

Text on this baptism card: with love on your baptism.

#30 American Greetings Baptism Card (God’s Love)

This is a timeless baptism card. Front Message: Oh, Happy Day!

Inside Message: Wishing you everlasting joy as God’s love touches your life in a new way. With a white envelope.

#31 Baptism Blessings Greeting Card

Special baptism card made with thick, 14 point premium paper with full-color interior. Cover text: Baptism Blessings.

Inside: May the Lord bless you and watch over you. Today and forever, may His love fill your home with peace and happiness.


We use mugs daily, and mugs are usually not too expensive. Having a mug with a Bible verse or Christian encouragement will remind the new convert daily of the Word of God. This makes a mug (with Christian text or verses) a perfect baptism gift for adults!

#32 Christian Tumbler Mug

This tumbler mug has prints on both sides. Center text: YOU ARE. Surrounded with God’s promises of who you are in Him, with Bible references. Great adult baptism gift.

#33 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Mug

This exquisite mug with spoon and lid is a great baptism gift for men or women. Using this mug after their baptism will remind them they can do all things through Christ.

Comes in a luxury gift box.


#34 Joy prayer scarves with scripture

Wrap the celebrant in God’s Word with this Christian scarf, decked in a rainbow of colors and 24 uplifting Bible verses that celebrate joy in the Lord.

Willow Tree baptism gifts for adults

#35 Choose from a selection of Willow Tree baptism gifts for adults, such as…:

Prayer memory box
Prayer of peace keepsake box

What is a traditional baptism gift for adults?

With traditional baptism gifts for adults, it is a common practice to select gifts that carry a spiritual or commemorative significance.

Here are some thoughtful options for an adult baptism gift:

  • #36 Bible or Prayer Book: A beautifully bound holy Bible, a book of prayers, or books for baptism gift can be meaningful, especially if it’s personalized with the recipient’s name or baptism date.
  • #37 Religious Jewelry: Items like bracelets, necklaces, or rings with religious symbols (such as the shape of a cross or ichthys) can be both personal and meaningful.
  • #38 Baptism Certificate Holder: A decorative holder for their baptism certificate can be a practical and commemorative gift.
  • #39 Devotional Books: Books that offer daily devotions or spiritual guidance can support their faith journey.
  • #40 Icon or Religious Art: An icon in a beautiful frame or a piece of religious art can be a beautiful and inspiring gift for their home.
  • #41 Candle: A special baptism candle, often white and decorated with Christian symbols, Bible verses, or inspirational messages, can symbolize the light of the Christian faith.
  • #42 Cross or Crucifix: A cross pendant or a crucifix for their home can serve as a lasting reminder of their faith and this special occasion.
  • #43 Rosary Beads: A set of rosary beads can be a cherished gift, particularly if they are of high quality or have special significance. It is one of the best catholic baptism gifts for adults.
  • #44 Personalized Baptism Gifts for adults: Items like a personalized blanket, towel, or keepsake box with their name and baptism date can be both useful and memorable. This ensures unique baptism gifts.

These special gifts celebrate the significance of the baptism while providing spiritual encouragement and a reminder of their faith journey.

Look for any of these categories or use the previous overview of baptism gifts for adults and select your perfect gift idea!

Take-away Christian baptism gifts for adults

Choosing the perfect baptism gift for an adult is a thoughtful and wonderful way to celebrate this significant spiritual milestone. Whether you opt for a Christian book, a new Bible, devotional materials, personalized bookmarks, or baptism jewelry, each gift carries a message of encouragement and faith.

It’s important to remember that while these gifts are tangible tokens of celebration, the true essence of baptism lies in the spiritual transformation and commitment it signifies. The baptism gift will bring to mind the precious moments of the baptism day.

May the gifts you give continue to inspire and remind the baptized individual of their new life in Christ and their ongoing journey of faith.